From headlights to alloy wheels, these changes in the car will attract heavy fines! – Illegal Car Modifications You Should Avoid To Prevent Hefty Challan Central Motor Vehicle Act Rule

The trend of car modification has increased a lot these days, most of the people keep on getting various modifications done to give a different look to their vehicle. But before making any kind of change in the car, you need to know that the government also sets a rule regarding the modification done in the vehicles. If a vehicle owner makes such changes in his vehicle, which make the vehicle different from the description entered in the original document (Vehicle Registration Paper), then it will be considered illegal.

In January 2019, the Supreme Court of India declared the vehicle modification illegal. However, not all modifications to your car are against the law. You can make some changes to the vehicle even without violating the rules, but there are some modifications which are strictly prohibited. Today we will tell you about such modifications which are legally illegal-

Oversized Alloy Wheels:

The craze for alloy wheels is being seen a lot these days, according to new designs and looks, alloy wheels are available in the market for all types of vehicles from cars to bikes. In view of this craze of customers, vehicle manufacturers are also selling alloy wheels as accessories, but the alloys sold by the company conform to the standards. On the other hand, standards are likely to be ignored in aftermarket alloys. In such a situation, if you use an alloy larger than the size of the vehicle, then it is not considered legally valid.

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Pressure Horn

Loud Horns:

Various measures are being taken to prevent noise pollution in the country and noise pollution caused by vehicle horns increases it even more. All vehicle manufacturers use horns in their vehicles according to a standard, following the guidelines set by the government. The decibel limit of these factory fitted horns is always within the prescribed limits. According to the Motor Vehicle Act Rule 39/192, if pressure horn is used in a car, bike or any other type of vehicle, then it comes under the category of violation of traffic rules.

Extra Lights:

It is seen that people use different types of lights in their cars. According to the Central Motor Vehicle Act, you cannot use colored headlights in the vehicle. At the time of vehicle modification, it is very important to take care of the light theme. Similarly, you can change the headlights or taillights of a car but cannot violate the same color rule. You can upgrade from halogen lights to white LED lights, but you can’t substitute red, green or blue lights as your car’s headlights.

Tampering With Silencer:

People keep on doing all kinds of experiments regarding the exhaust (silencer) of the vehicle. Although, most of the cases are seen in the bikes only, but some people also use loud silencers to give a sporty feel to their cars, which is against the rules. As per Rule 120 of the CMVA, it is illegal to do so. This is because it causes more noise and air pollution. Also, this type of exhaust pipe is unfit to undergo the Pollution Under Control (PUC) test, which is a mandatory test for every car. This test determines the emission level of a vehicle and evaluates whether the vehicle complies with the legal emission norms or not.

Tinted Glass in Car

Uses of tinted glass:

Although, after the strictness of the traffic police, now the trend of tinted gloss has reduced considerably, but there are still some people who prefer to use tinted gloss in vehicles. This is one of the most common traffic laws that motorists in India keep flouting. According to the law and Rule 100 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) Act 1989, the minimum visibility of the windscreen and rear window glass of your car should be at least 70%. Minimum visibility required for side windows is 50%. If there is less visibility than this, you may have to face challan.

Fancy & Designer Number Plate:

There is a lot of trend of designer number plates, but ever since the traffic police have shown strictness, people have started using vehicle registration plates in their vehicles as per the norms. It is illegal to use fancy and designer number plates in the vehicle. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, all new cars must have high-security registration plates. Apart from this, if your car is old, then you will have to write the registration number in black font on the white plate. All numbers and letters must be legible.

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