Dyson launched Pet Grooming Kit in India, will also be useful in cleaning pets, know the price – Dyson Pet Grooming Kit launched in India know features and price

Dyson has launched the Pet Grooming Kit in India. As the name suggests, this product from Dyson has been specially designed for pet dogs and cats. The company claims that it also filters microscopic particles.

For this, a vacuum cleaner has also been given in it. This pet grooming product from Dyson also cleans the larvae present on the animal’s body due to licking. It is designed for dogs and cats with long and medium hair.

Pet parents can remove loose hair from pets with this tool. This pet grooming tool pulls out these hairs and deposits them in the Dyson cord-free cleaner. This pet grooming tool includes a pet groom tool, extension hose, and a quick-release adapter. Dyson says that this product is making grooming much better for the pet.


The price of this pet grooming tool from Dyson has been kept at Rs 9,900 in India. There are 364 slicker bristles in this grooming brush. These bristles are flexed at a 35-degree angle. You can use the brush without the vacuum switch on if your pet is afraid of the sound. Hair can be pulled by switching it on after grooming.


This new pet grooming kit from Dyson looks like a vacuum cleaner. However, it has been designed in such a way that the pet does not suffer much harm. As mentioned above, it comes with a 364 slicker brush which can be moved up to 35 degrees.

It can also be used without switching on the vacuum. After grooming hair can be pulled into the bin by turning on the vacuum. Let us tell you that Dyson company is known for manufacturing vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. The company’s V8, V11, V12 Detect Slim and V15 Detect cord-free vacuum cleaners are quite popular.

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