Do you also search these things on Google? Searching These Topics on Google Will Land You in Jail ttec

Google is quite a popular search engine. It is used by most of the people running the internet. With Google Search, users can search on any topic. With this, users can search from cooking to the latest news. But, sometimes Google search can cost you dearly.

Some things should be kept in mind while using Google Search. Avoid searching many terms on this. Doing this can feed you till the air of jail. That is, just by searching Google, you can get into a lot of trouble.

child porn

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You should not search child pornography on Google even by mistake. There is a very strict law for child pornography in India. Under Section 14 of the POCSO Act 2012 in India, watching, making and keeping child porn safe comes under the category of crime. Due to this, you can also get the chance of going to jail.

how to make bomb

Never search the method of bomb making on Google. Many times people search it out of curiosity and later get into trouble. By searching this you can come on the radar of security agencies. Legal action can also be taken against you for searching the method of making bombs.

pirated movie

Many people download the pirated version of the movie. But, doing so comes under the category of crime. Because of this, legal action can also be taken against the user who does this. Our advice would be to refrain from doing so.

bank customer care number

Never search Bank Customer Care Number through Google Search. You may have to give to take from this. Many times fraudsters list fake bank numbers. With the help of search engine tool on Google, it is shown at the top of the search result.

When you call these numbers, the phone is directly connected to the fraudster. After this, they can fraud with you by taking information about personal details from you. In this case, get the customer care number from the official website of the bank itself.

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