Climate change is proving dangerous, sex-change of these creatures due to high temperature – climate change global warming sex change in dragons and other reptiles tstr

First of all, let us understand what are reptiles. In Hindi, they are called reptiles, that is, those creatures which move by sliding on the ground. Animals like snakes, crocodiles, lizards and alligators come in this category. There are many categories in this too, depending on the place and way of their living.

Some time ago a big change was seen in the reptiles. In the colony of Australian Bearded Dragon, the number of male dragons started decreasing rapidly, while female dragons started increasing. On paying attention, it was found that in addition to chromosomes, gender is also determined by temperature, but this happens only in the beginning phase of the development of the embryo.

temperature dependent sex changeMales are decreasing rapidly in this species of Australian dragon. Representational photo (Pixabay)

This concept is called temperature-dependent-sex-determination (TSD). In this, exceeding a specified temperature determines the sex of the fetus. First of all, in the year 1966, French zoologist Madeline Simon said this. Then it was not taken very seriously, but from the year 2015, many studies were done on it, which confirmed that temperature also plays an important role in sex determination of some organisms. However, the temperature remains important only for a certain time. Its role ceases to exist after the initial stage of development of the embryo.

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Australian dragons will be female or male, it is not only determined by their chromosomes, but it can also change during the incubation period when the temperature is high. Due to this, the dragon which can be male is born as a female. This is also because it is easier for the female dragon to tolerate the changes caused by the environment. So in a way it is also a survival tactic in this species.

temperature dependent sex changeThis change is taking place during the process of hatching. Representational photo (Pixabay)

Although it sounds as interesting as it sounds, in reality it has many dangers. If this continues, then at one point the entire species of this dragon will be extinct. Australia’s University of Canberra studied this, in which genome sequencing of about 130 dragons took place.

Females have ZW sex chromosomes, while males have ZZ. If the eggs get more heat than a certain temperature, the chromosomes may have been of the male dragon, but at the time of incubation they will change, and a female dragon will be born.

temperature dependent sex changeDue to the increase in the heat of the sand, males in sea turtles are decreasing in many places. Representational photo (Pixabay)

Sea turtles are also going through a similar transition. Just like in humans and everyone else, during the process of getting egg and sperm, it is decided whether the coming child will be male or female, the same does not happen in sea turtles. In addition to chromosomes, sex determination also depends on temperature.

For example, if a sea turtle egg is incubated below 27.7 degree Celsius, it will be male. On the other hand, if the temperature rises to 31 degree Celsius, then irrespective of the chromosomes, only a female turtle will be born. It was also found that where the sand on the beach is hotter, the population of female turtles is more in that place.

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