China has opened its police stations in Canada too! Canadian police investigating reports of Chinese police service stations operating in Greater Toronto tlifws

After America and the Netherlands, the Canadian police has also started investigating the allegedly running Chinese police stations. In fact, some time ago there was a report of an organization which claimed that China is running its own police stations in many big cities of the world. After this report, Netherlands and America had also started investigation in this matter. After this, China also issued a statement in which it said that it is not a police station but a help center set up to help Chinese citizens.

The Canadian Police said in this matter that reports of Chinese police stations operating in the Greater Toronto area are being investigated. According to the police, it was said in the reports that Chinese police stations in the Greater Toronto area are a threat to the security of Canada. In such a situation, the Canadian police is fully involved in the investigation in this matter.

There was a big disclosure in the report in September

This was revealed in the report of European human rights organization Safeguard Defenders. The report that came in September said that Chinese Police Service stations are being operated in many big cities of the world.

According to the report, the reason behind opening these police stations is to pressurize some Chinese citizens living abroad and their relatives, who are facing some kind of trial, to return.

What did Canadian police say about Chinese police stations?

The Canadian Police issued a statement in this matter, saying, “Our objective is to prevent threats, harassment and harm from any foreign organization to any Canadian community.”

China had earlier told the reason for opening these centers

At the same time, there has been no response from the Chinese Embassy in Canada in this regard so far. However, before this, a response was definitely given by the Chinese government on this matter. China had said that these centers were opened to help Chinese citizens living abroad.

China had said that it is not a police station in any way. The job of these centers is only to help Chinese citizens renew the necessary documents and also to provide services that were interrupted due to the Corona epidemic.

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