Anupama’s long dialogues caused headaches for the audience! Anupamaa aka Rupali Ganguly BREAKS silence on fans asking to cut short her monologues tmova

Television’s most loved daily soap Anupama has changed the meaning of TV serials. The story of a woman who starts living her life according to her own after 40 years. Hurt by her husband’s betrayal, she starts a new life. Marries again, adopts the child. Anupama does everything, and gives complete entertainment to the audience. But at the same time, she also gives big dialogues, due to which people get very bored.

Anupama’s monologue upset

Anupama, who gave a befitting reply to the society, has now replied regarding her monologue as well. Rupali Ganguly, who is playing the character of Anupama, said the words of the fans on the head. The dialogues given by Rupali Ganguly were very much liked by the audience. Fans used to wait when Anupama would speak and lock everyone’s mouth. But now it is not so. Perhaps people are bored of listening to these monologues. They want something new. In between there was a debate in the social media that such long dialogues are boring.

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Rajan’s vision of Anupama

Rupali Ganguly spoke exclusively to Pinkvilla about this and said – Fans ki baat sir aankhon par. But the makers know very well what they want to convey to the people through Anupama. Whatever the producer’s vision is, I should be able to do it well, express what he has thought, for Anupama, I would like to do it to the best of my ability.

Talking further, Rupali said- I have never questioned him, why like this, why like that? If they have faith, then they have to believe. With all due respect, I want to say that Anupama is the story Rajan wants to tell, and I am happy that people feel connected to it. Whatever they decide for Anupama, it is their wish. I trust him, whatever he is thinking, he is connecting with the audience. I am with them. I will never question him, I will never question him about any of my scenes. I am liking whatever is going on in Anupama.

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