Aftab had cut the dead body into pieces with many weapons… know what was asked in the polygraph test

In the Shraddha murder case, Aftab was also subjected to a polygraph test on Thursday. But due to his ill health, the test had to be stopped midway. Now on Friday again he will have polygraph test, then he will have to face many questions. On Thursday, when Aftab was being bombarded with questions by the police, many big revelations were made on his behalf. Aftab told the police that he had cut Shraddha into pieces with not one but several weapons.

The police have also found 5 big knives from Aftab’s house. These are not normal household knives, but their length is about 5-6 inches. These five recovered knives have been sent for investigation, only the forensic team will be able to tell whether these knives were used by Aftab to cut Shraddha’s body. But the police have not been able to recover the second big weapon saw till now. Now not only has Aftab made this confession, apart from this, he was also bombarded with questions during the polygraph test. Many types of questions were fired in front of him.

The police had asked about 15 to 18 questions to Aftab. The police had asked Aftab some such questions. 1… Why killed Shraddha? 2.. Where did you meet Shraddha? 3..with which weapon did you kill? 4..Do you have any regrets? 5… What did you do with Shraddha after killing, what did you do when your anger calmed down? 6.. Did you cut Shraddha’s body manually or in some other way? 7.. Didn’t you feel pity on Shraddha at all while doing this work? 8.. Where have you thrown the pieces of the body? 9… What did you do after killing Shraddha, have you been in any other relation as well? 10..When Shraddha came here, did you already plan to kill her? 11.. Why are you not confessing the crime yourself, if you have guilt? 12.. Are you telling all the truth to the police?

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Now what answers Aftab gave to these questions, how many confessions were made from his side, it is not yet clear. But it is believed that only on the basis of this polygraph test, the police will get big breakthroughs in this matter. Aftab’s polygraph test is going to happen again on Friday. Even before this, Aftab’s polygraph test was done for two days. But on both the days his health deteriorated in the middle, due to which the test had to be stopped. By the way, on Thursday, in the Surajkund area of ​​Faridabad, adjacent to Delhi, the police found several pieces of a dead body lying. This information was also given by Faridabad Police to Delhi Police. Actually, because the Delhi Police is currently searching for the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body, that is why that information was shared by the Faridabad Police. Now whether the bodies found in Faridabad belong to Shraddha or not, it is not yet clear.

Talking about the case, Mumbai’s Shraddha Walker was living with Aftab in a live-in flat in Mehrauli, Delhi. It is alleged that Aftab had strangled Shraddha to death on 18 May. According to Aftab, Shraddha was pressurizing him for marriage. Aftab then cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces. He even bought a fridge to keep the pieces. Aftab had kept the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body in the fridge. He used to go every night to throw the dead body in the Mehrauli forest. He did this for about 20 days.

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