Why are people not taking leave from office even after being seriously ill in Britain? Know the reason – People of Britain are not taking leave even in serious illness ntc

A new change is being seen in the behavior of the people of Britain. They are not able to take leave even after being seriously ill. Inflation is believed to be the reason behind this. The head of the Royal College of GPs told the Guardian that most people with a serious illness recently refused to take sick notes because they felt they would not be able to take time off from work.

A sick note is required in the UK for people suffering from long-term illnesses or recovering from serious injuries. These notes are issued by general practitioners. It is the doctor who tells the employer for how long the patient cannot work and also gives other information related to the patient to them.

Dr. Kamilla Hawthorne, chairwoman of the Royal College of GPs, says- I was surprised to see last year that when they issued a sick note, the patient refused to take that note. He said that he cannot take leave as he needs the money.

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He told that in recent months, many patients with serious diseases like asthma and diabetes have come across many problems related to mental health along with fatigue and mouth ulcers. However, he is not ready to take leave from work due to his illness. He says that he needs to keep working for his family.

Cost of living rising rapidly in Britain

According to Hawthorne, the cost of living crisis here is responsible for the deteriorating health of the people in Britain. Food and fuel are so expensive here that many people cannot afford to heat their homes or eat anything other than a modest diet. He said that his mental health is also suffering due to financial stress.

He said- The problem of cost of living has been there for a long time, but in the last few months it has suddenly become very bad. He told- I now have such patients, who are more worried about the expenditure on fuel in this winter.

Most middle aged people are not taking leave

The Guardian quoted Hawthorne as saying that most people who do not take sick notes work in call centres. Apart from these, this is also being seen in middle aged youth and old people. Hawthorne also warned that the rising pressure on household budgets would affect doctor services for over-stressed families.

He said that people are still very much worried about what to buy in winter and what not. A situation has arisen in front of them like choosing one between keeping themselves warm or making arrangements for food.

Inflation is at a high level of 41 years

Cost of living has been increasing in Britain since the beginning of 2021. Inflation is at a 41-year high. The prices of food, gas, electricity, fuel, rent and mortgages have all risen sharply. According to the Office of National Statistics, gas prices have increased by 98.5 percent in a year. The biggest challenge in front of Rishi Sunak, who recently took over as the Prime Minister of Britain, is to control inflation.

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