Video: face of 17 year old ratlam boy is full of hair in childhood people used to worship as Bal Hanuman lclt

If you see the face of 17-year-old Lalit Patidar living in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh for the first time, you will be scared. The reason for fear would be the presence of long hair all over his face. These hairs are on his face since birth. The relatives showed it to many doctors but it could not be treated anywhere. Doctors called it a rare and incurable disease.

According to the information, Lalit is a resident of Nandlet village of Ratlam district. His father Baktlal Patidar is a farmer. Lalit is the only brother of 4 sisters. He is a student of class 12 in the government school of the village. It is said that in childhood, considering Lalit to be the form of Bal Hanuman, the villagers used to worship him.

Due to hair on his face, Lalit has a lot of difficulty in eating food. Because hair comes in their mouth while eating food. At present no cure has been given by the doctors for his disease. It has been said by a doctor of Baroda to do plastic surgery after turning 21 years. That’s why now Lalit is waiting for his 21 years.

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In a conversation with ‘Aaj Tak’, Lalit told that he wants to become a Youtuber. He is also trying for this. On the other hand, Lalit’s relatives say that Lalit had long hair on his face since childhood. We showed it to many doctors but everyone said that it is an incurable disease. Now we have left everything on the above. A doctor has talked about plastic surgery. When Lalit turns 21, we will get the treatment done.

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