‘Very relaxed here’, graduate girl starts job in cemetery! 45000 rs salary – graduate girl started job in cemetery earning 45 thousand rs Salary left office careers tstf

A 22-year-old graduate girl has decided to take up a job in a graveyard. Here she looks after the work like cleaning of graves, arrangements related to funeral. He gets about 45 thousand rupees every month for this work. His job is from 8:30 in the morning to 5 in the evening. He also gets one holiday in a week.

This girl living in China has been identified as Tan. Tan is his surname. Tan, 22, keeps sharing pictures and videos of her work from the cemetery on the Chinese social media platform Tiktok. He says that there is peace in this work and there is no office politics here.

She says that her aim was to strike a balance between her job and her life. He needed a peaceful workplace. She wanted to do a job at a natural place away from the noise of the office. In such a situation, he joined a job in a cemetery located on a hill in Chongqing, western China.

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In a video, Tan says that it is a simple and comfortable job. There are dogs, there are cats and there is internet to work with. Tan jokingly calls herself a ‘grave guard’.

Tan further said- ‘It is a simple task. I’m just doing something that seems normal to me. I am satisfied with my life at the moment and I will be engaged in this work.

45 thousand salary of the girl

According to the South China Morning Post, Tan is paid a monthly salary of around 4,000 yuan (Rs 45,000) for working at the cemetery. She works 6 days a week from 8.30 am to 5 pm. There is also a break of two hours for lunch.

Thousands of users have reacted to Tan’s video. One user wrote – This type of job was considered inauspicious in the old days, but for modern people it is a peaceful job. Another user wrote – Need and choice can get anything done.

It was told in the report that China’s funeral service market has expanded significantly in recent years, as the country’s population is growing rapidly. According to the Chinese research firm Huajing Research, the value of this market in 2020 was Rs 2900 billion, which has now gone much further.

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