Used to call herself Assistant Tax Commissioner, started cheating in the desire to become rich – Lucknow police arrest fake assistant tax commissioner name priyanka mishra uttar pradesh LCLG

The Lucknow Police has arrested a woman who duped herself in the name of getting a job in the Income Tax Department by pretending to be an Assistant Commissioner of Taxes. Priyanka Mishra, who did engineering in Lucknow, UP, is now behind bars. Priyanka with a cunning mind used to trap people by promising to get them a job in return of Rs 10 lakh.

She wanted to earn maximum money in less time. That’s why he left the engineering job and started cheating. After receiving the complaint, Hazratganj police station has arrested Priyanka.

According to information, 30-year-old Priyanka is a resident of Shahjahanpur in UP. He was caught on Tuesday while taking a fake interview for the job of Income Tax Inspector in the Income Tax Office of Lucknow.

Priyanka called the candidates for interview in the canteen of the Income Tax Office. Here the candidates were being given appointment letters for Rs 10 lakh each.

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Priyanka has done B.Tech

Giving information about Priyanka, DCP Central Aparna told Rajat Kaushik that Priyanka has done B.Tech. He also worked in a private company as an engineer for one year. Priyanka’s husband is also an engineer in Haryana. But, she wanted to earn more money in less time than short cut. He wanted to become rich as soon as possible.

Left the job and became a consultant, caught in the Income Tax Department

Priyanka quit her job as an engineer and started working as a tax consultant in Delhi. During this he understood that there is a lot of money in this field. He applied his mind and started making a grip in the Income Tax Department.

Then he worked on a contractual basis in the Income Tax Department in Lucknow. Here he made contacts with all the officials. Along with learning their methods, started collecting names and details.

Used to tell herself as assistant tax commissioner, used to talk in the same tone

When people asked, she used to describe herself as Assistant Tax Commissioner. Along with saying that she has contacts with the officials of the Income Tax Department located in Delhi. She can get anyone’s job done.

When the recommendations for the job started coming to her, Priyanka left the contract job and started the forgery of giving fake appointment letters to the people. While talking to people, Priyanka’s tone was like that of officers. People used to think that Priyanka is a big officer and they used to get entangled in things.

had cheated before

According to Inspector Hazratganj, Priyanka has given many information in the investigation and interrogation done so far. Two years ago, Priyanka Mishra used to interview people at Aaykar Bhawan in Lucknow on the pretext of giving them jobs. However, after the matter came to the knowledge of the officials present there, strictness was done. After this Priyanka stopped coming to the office.

did all the work alone

According to the police, Priyanka Mishra used to execute the work of cheating alone. He had made a deal of Rs 10 lakh by taking two lakh to get jobs to many unemployed.

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