Upstf arrests wanted in Nayra Petrol pump mixing and fraud case

In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the UP ATS has succeeded in arresting a member of the gang involved in adulterating petrol. The search for the accused was on for several days. ATS arrested him on Wednesday. The name of the accused is Chetan Shakya.

UP ATS was looking for Chetan for many days. Many members of his gang have already been arrested. Chetan along with other gang members used to rig petrol. Chetan, a resident of Partapur in Meerut, used to sell adulterated oil through dispensing machine from the tank by hiding the stock from the oil company.

Used to rig like this

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The gang used to hide adulterated oil from the oil company by installing an additional pipe in the stock tank of the filling station. Then Naira used to carry out ghatauli and adulteration by installing additional motherboard in the petrol pump. Later, by hiding the stock from the oil company, they used to sell the adulterated oil through the dispensing machine from the tank.

this is the whole matter

In fact, in Lucknow, the matter of cheating at Naira Company’s petrol pumps had come to the fore. Fraud was confirmed in the investigation of petrol pumps in Meerut and its surrounding areas. After this, the UP ATS had exposed the gang involved in skimming and adulteration at the pump. Many people were arrested in the case. But Chetan Shakya was absconding.

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