TRS Gadwal MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy seen grabbing the neck of a govt official and Gurukal school principal ntc

A video of TRS MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy from Gadwal in Telangana is going viral these days. In this, he is seen holding the collar of Vengal Reddy, a government official and principal of Gurukal School. In fact, Krishna Mohan Reddy was agitated over the inauguration of a school building in his absence. TRS MLAs were upset as they were invited late to the event and the event had started before their arrival. The incident is of Jogulamba Gadwal on Tuesday.

‘TRS MLA’s behavior is an insult to government employees’

Official Spokesperson of Telangana State BJP NV Subhash condemned the behavior of the Gadwal MLA for insulting a government servant in public. Gadwal MLA Krishna M Reddy was seen grabbing the collar of a government employee and using foul language in connection with the inauguration of the school in his absence. He said that in his absence due to the MLA being late, the Zilla Parishad chairman had inaugurated the school.

Subhash said that the act of the MLA of the ruling party is an insult to the government employees. Instead of setting an example for the people, MLA Krishna M Reddy got so angry with the mistake of others that he himself reached the function late and then grabbed the collar of the government official. This shows the arrogance of the elected representatives of the ruling party, leaders including CM KCR who always believe that since they are in power they can do anything in this state. He has no respect for anyone including people and public servants. Subhash said that time will surely teach a lesson to these leaders in the coming days.

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