These poems of national poet Maithilisharan Gupt are very inspiring for students – Maithili Sharan Gupt Hindi Poet Inspirational Poems for Students and Youth

Maithili Sharan Gupt Poems for Youth: Honored with the title of Rashtrakavi, the famous poet of Hindi language Maithilisharan Gupta was the first poet of Khari Boli. His work ‘Bharat-Bharti’, filled with the spirit of patriotism, proved to be very influential during the Indian freedom struggle. Because of this, Mahatma Gandhi gave him the title of ‘National Poet’. His poems of Veer Ras are very inspiring and guiding for the youth. Let us read some such creations of his.

(1) No, we go to call the obstacles ourselves,
Even then if they come, they never panic.
In my opinion, calamities are natural tests,
Only those should be afraid of them, be raw, whose teachings.

(2) Be a man, don’t let your mind down

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do some work do some work
live in the world and make a name for yourself
what is the meaning of this birth
understand in which it is not in vain
do something suitable to the body
You are a man, do not be sad.

Be careful that luck doesn’t go away
when did good remedy go in vain
consider the world not a dream
pave your way
Akhileshwar is to rely on
You are a man, do not be sad.

when you get all the ingredients here
Where can that essence go then
you drink swattva sudha juice
get up and do the law of immortality
May Kanan be ugly
You are a man, do not be sad.

be aware of your pride
remember we are also something
be a posthumous anthem
all go but believe now
Whatever happens, don’t give up your resources.
You are a man, do not be sad.

God gave you taxes
all desired items
you get them no aho
then tell whose fault it is
Don’t consider any wealth as inaccessible
You are a man, do not be sad.

what glory you do not deserve
when who does not enjoy you
You are also a person of Jagdishwar
Everyone belongs to his own house
Then what is rare for his people
You are a man, do not be sad.

don’t be sorry for litigation
constantly differentiate your goals
Enterprise is the only method
The one who gets the wealth of happiness
understand the most passive life
You are a man, do not be sad
Do some work, do some work.

(3) Hey India! Wake up, open your eyes
Flying with instruments, Geography is roaming in Astronomy!

opportunity is waiting for you,
Still you are lying silent.
Your field of work is big,
Every moment is priceless.
Hey India! Wake up, open your eyes..

Enough happened now what has to happen,
What is there to lose?
There is gold in your soil,
You weigh yourself
Hey India! Wake up, open your eyes..

Even after showing your love,
Till now what the world has not achieved;
By giving the same feeling, I liked it.
Hail life
Hey India! Wake up, open your eyes..

You have such beauty-
On which heaven itself has descended.
Still full of emotion
Karma-kallol arose.
Hey India! Wake up, open your eyes..

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