Tantrik said i will be punished for my deeds ntc

Police has arrested Tantrik Bhalesh Kumar, who carried out the double murder by putting feviquick in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Tantrik Bhalesh Kumar has claimed that young men and women were blackmailing him to ask for the mantra of subjugation, so he carried out the murder. Not only this, Bhalesh Kumar said, “I will definitely be punished for my deeds.”

Police brought Bhalesh Kumar to the hospital on Tuesday. When the local people present here asked him why did he do this? So Bhalesh said that he did a lot wrong. He must be punished for this.

The young man was blackmailing the girl

Tantrik Bhalesh Joshi was seen telling the local people that you all know me very well, I used to remove the pain of the people. But why did God make me do this? I don’t know this either. I will definitely get punished for this. On the other hand, Tantrik Bhavesh Joshi wanted to earn big money by asking for the mantra of vashikaran by the deceased young woman, due to which the young men and women were constantly blackmailing me to ask for the mantra of vashikaran. But I did not give him this mantra of subjugation.

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What is the whole matter?

This is the whole matter of Gogunda of Udaipur. Here two dead bodies were found in the wooded area adjacent to Majavad village. One of the dead was a man and the other a woman. Both their bodies were bloody. Both of them were in semi-naked condition. It seemed that the murderers had badly injured his body. Even the private parts of both of them were injured. Seeing all this, someone informed the police. After examining both the bodies, the police identified the deceased as Rahul Meena, a teacher by profession, and Sonu Kunwar, 28. After this, the police started searching for the murderer.

The police came to know in the investigation that both Rahul and Sonu who died were married. But an extra-marital affair was going on between the two. After this, when the police took the investigation further, it came to know that this matter is related to Tantra Mantra. After this, the police interrogated more than 200 people and searched many CCTV footages. After this, the police arrested 52-year-old accused Bhalesh Kumar.

Why was the double murder executed?

Bhalesh Kumar told the police that he has been making talismans for eight years in Bhadvi Guda’s wishful Sheshnag Bhavji temple to relieve people from suffering. At the same time, a girl named Sonu Kunwar and the family members of the deceased Rahul Meena used to come and go. Meanwhile, the closeness between Rahul and Sonu increased. On the other hand, Rahul’s wife also reached to Bhalesh Kumar after being fed up with conflicts and quarrels. During this time, after listening to the problem of the woman, the tantrik told her everything about the illegal relationship between Rahul and Sonu. After this the Tantrik’s eyes were on Sonu Kunwar. That’s why Tantrik started increasing closeness with Sonu Kunwar. But Rahul had come to know about the whole matter. Then both Rahul and Sonu reached Tantrik Bhalesh and threatened to defame him. Bhalesh got scared of his threat. He started to fear of spoiling his name and identity among the devotees. In this trouble, the tantrik hatched a sinister plan. About which no one could even think.

executed the murder like this

Tantrik bought 50 sachets of feviquik to execute the murder. He kept them in a bottle. Tantrik Bhalesh made an excuse for a trick by calling Rahul and Sonu on the evening of 15 November 2022 and called both of them to him in Sukhadia circle. Then the tantrik took both of them together in the name of ritual and took them to the deserted forest of Gogunda area.

The tantrik told both of them that if you both want to be one forever, then keep doing as I say. First of all, Bhalesh asked both of them to take off their clothes. When both became naked, both of them were asked to make physical relations in front of him. After obeying Bhalesh, when both of them started getting intimate, then suddenly the tantrik poured Feviquik filled in the bottle on both of them. Before Rahul and Sonu could understand anything, both of them got stuck with each other badly. When both tried to separate forcibly, even their skin was torn off from their bodies. While Rahul and Sonu were trying to recover, Tantrik Bhalesh attacked them both with knives and stones. He attacked the private parts of both of them one after the other. crushed them with stones. The result was that both of them fell there bleeding and died. After this he absconded.

(Input- Dheeraj Rawal)

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