Serial killer made relations with women Murder after beating escaped after crossing the border Tsty

An American man made relations with three sex workers and then killed those women. It has been told that the ‘serial killer’ used to meet women outside the strip club, take them to the hotel and have sex with them. After this, he used to beat women and kill them. Mexican authorities are looking for an American citizen in the case.

Mexico’s Baja California State Attorney General Ricardo Carpio claimed that the American citizen is hiding in San Diego after committing a massacre in Mexico. The US city of San Diego is adjacent to the border with Mexico.

Carpio claimed that this man used to target women living alone by luring them. Mexican officials claimed that an American serial killer killed three sex workers in Tijuana. He crossed the border and entered Mexico.

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Attorney General Ricardo Carpio told in the press conference that he is investigating the matter in collaboration with the US authorities. Carpio said, ‘If someone tries to kill their citizens, women, they will be punished according to our law.’ A warrant has also been issued for the arrest of the accused in this case.

Carpio said that there should be no doubt that the man will be arrested, he will be brought back to Tijuana.

Who is this serial killer?
Who is this serial killer? His identity has not been revealed yet. But, it is being claimed that this person is an American citizen. He used to meet women outside strip clubs in Tijuana. Spanish newspaper Marca has reported that three murders are being investigated. Investigators said that the bodies of all the three deceased women were found in the hotel room.

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