Sanitary napkins can cause cancer, choose the right pad like this

Have you also been buying sanitary pads sealed in colorful packets sold in the market without checking, then now you need to be careful. A new study has revealed that sanitary napkins of well-known companies made in India can cause deadly diseases like cancer. It has been revealed in the study that dangerous chemicals are used in the manufacture of sanitary napkins of many companies, which along with giving cancer can also make women infertile. Apart from this, these chemicals are also responsible for diabetes and heart disease.

What does research say
The study, conducted by Delhi-based NGO Toxics Link, is a part of the International Pollutant Elimination Network’s test in which products from 10 brands of sanitary napkins sold in India were included. During the study, the researchers found traces of phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in all the samples. It is a matter of concern that both these contaminants are capable of producing cancer cells. This research has been published in the ‘Menstrual Waste 2022’ report.

Chemicals used in pads give feast to these dangerous diseases

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Phthalates chemical exposure to skin causes cancer, diabetes and heart disease and affects fertility. At the same time, exposure to VOCs affects mental ability. It can also cause asthma and some types of cancer. Apart from this, it also affects fertility. The research team told that in fact, the effect of these serious chemicals on the skin of the vagina is more as compared to the skin of other parts of the woman’s body. Because of this, this danger increases even more.

How many women use sanitary pads in India
According to a report, 64.4 percent of women aged 15 to 24 in India use sanitary napkins. In the last few years, due to increasing awareness on sanitary pads, their use has increased. During menstruation, sanitary pads are used to avoid many serious diseases. But during research, the chemicals found in sanitary napkins are very harmful for health. That’s why it is important that women should be careful while choosing sanitary pads and do not buy such products in which dangerous chemicals are found.

How to choose the right sanitary pad
In today’s time, before buying clothes, bags, shoes, any household items and even groceries, we do research on the internet but when it comes to buying sanitary napkins, most of us choose on the basis of popularity of the brand or Then many times they buy it without thinking. Does this question come to your mind even once that the sanitary pad you are buying is right for your health. Here we are telling you the ways to choose the right sanitary pad, keeping in mind that you should buy it next time.

Choose organic sanitary pads
This research shows that sanitary pads of big companies made in India also contain dangerous chemicals. That’s why women should buy only chemical free organic sanitary pads. Nowadays, organic sanitary pads of many companies are available in the market, which being biodegradable, are also good for the environment. If you want, you can also use cotton sanitary pads. Never buy pads by looking at the top packet, rather choose the right pad by reading the information given in it.

Don’t be fooled by scented napkins
Companies try new methods of marketing to sell their products. The same rule is followed for selling sanitary napkins. You must have often seen advertisements of such sanitary pads on TV which have fragrance. They claim that using these pads will keep you smelling great all day long but in reality using scented sanitary napkins to get rid of period smell can be the biggest mistake of your life. These pads can be very dangerous for you.

Actually, sanitary napkins are made of fluid-absorbing material that blocks moisture and generates heat so that the pad can absorb more and more blood. Using scented sanitary napkins for a long time increases the chances of bacterial growth in the pads. Also, dangerous chemicals are used to create fragrance in the top layer of such pads, which have a bad effect on the delicate skin of your vagina.

Avoid using synthetic pads
Avoid using synthetic pads while buying sanitary pads as their harsh and chemical based base is harmful for the delicate skin of the vagina. Choose pads based on your blood flow. Always buy rash-free sanitary napkins.

Avoid making these mistakes while using periods and sanitary pads
Change pads every four to five hours during menstruation. Do not use the same pad for the whole day. While changing the pad, clean your vagina with water as well. It is also important to use the right underwear along with the right sanitary pads, especially during periods. That’s why always choose cotton panties because air passes easily in it. Also, to get relief from menstrual pain, do not use medicines like rain killers, rather take a bath with hot water or apply compresses on the painful places.

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