Pakistan: General Bajwa’s pain spilled over at the farewell ceremony, said- Bangladesh was made of political failure – qamar javed bajwa says 1971 was not a military but a political failure NTC

Only a few days are left for the retirement of Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. In such a situation, he criticized the anti-army statements in his last public address on Wednesday. During this, Bajwa’s pain regarding the 1971 war also spilled over. He said that the 1971 war and the formation of Bangladesh was not a failure of the army but a political failure.

Bajwa said that he wants to correct some facts regarding the 1971 war. He said that 1971 was not a military but a political failure. Our army fought with courage in East Pakistan.

Pakistani army always ready to defend the country

During this, while reciting ballads in praise of the Pakistani Army, General Bajwa said that the soldiers of the Pakistani Army are always ready to protect the country. He said that Pakistan Army can do anything but will not do anything against the interest of the country. Political parties and people have the right to criticize the army but they should choose the words to criticize the army.

He said that those who think that they will create a rift between the army and the public, they are wrong.

Army does not interfere in political matters

Bajwa said that the interference of Pakistani army in politics is unconstitutional. In such a situation, the army has decided that it will not interfere in any political matter in future. Bajwa said that I want to assure you that we will strictly follow this decision.

target India

General Bajwa is going to retire in a few days. In such a situation, he did not miss to target India in his last address. He said that the Indian Army has committed the maximum number of human rights violations in the world. But the people of India hardly criticize the army.

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