PAK: Bajwa’s property details were leaked from Income Tax Office, wife and Samdhi have so much property

Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa is going to retire on 29 November. His farewell parties are being held among the generals of Pakistan, but in the meantime the disclosure of his wealth has created a stir in the politics of Pakistan. It is now being investigated in Pakistan.

The person who leaked the property information of Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and his relatives has been identified. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Isaac Dar said that two people have leaked information about the assets of Army Chief Bajwa and his relatives to the media. Isaac Dar said that the investigation in this matter will be taken to the end. That means action will be taken against them.

During a program, Finance Minister Isaac Dar said that it is illegal to leak the information of the Army Chief’s income tax. Isak Dar said, “I have seen the interim report. I expect to get the final report today.” He said that one of the tax leakers is from Lahore while the other is from Rawalpindi. He was allowed to see these documents.

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tax detail leaked from tax office

Isaac Dar explained, “There is a possibility that some of the persons involved may have a right to see the income tax records as there is a tax circle in Rawalpindi where the assessment takes place.

He said that an inquiry was ordered in this matter as it was illegal to disclose one’s tax details, except when the court has issued an order for the same.

On Monday, Dar ordered the probe after the tax details of Bajwa and his wife, daughter-in-law Samdhi, were released online by investigative website Fact Focus.

Fact Focus claims that General Bajwa’s family members and relatives became billionaires during his six-year tenure, during which his wealth grew to Rs 12.7 billion. Fact Focus has revealed the assets of Bajwa and his family members between 2013 and 2021.

Wife became mistress of 2.2 billion in 6 years

Please tell that Bajwa is going to retire from the post of Army Chief on 29 November. According to Fact Focus, Bajwa’s wife Ayesha Amjad had zero assets in 2016 but in 6 years her (known) assets increased to Rs 2.2 billion.

The tax report states that this amount does not include residential plots, commercial plots and houses given to her husband by the army.

The report also states that the total value of declared assets of Mahnoor Sabir (daughter-in-law of General Bajwa) increased from nil in the last week of October 2018 to Rs 1,271 million as on November 2, 2018, while that of Mahnoor’s sister Hamna Naseer went from zero in 2016 to “billion” in 2017.

This investigative website claimed that Sabir Hameed, the father-in-law of the army chief’s son, had a tax return of less than a million in 2013, but became a billionaire in the years to come.

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