Optical Illusion: A seal is hidden in this herd of penguins, can you find it? – can you spot a seal in group of penguins optical illusion quiz in hindi lbse

You must often be playing various quizzes or games on social media. In these quizzes or games, you either have to answer questions or find hidden objects or find differences in pictures. Today we have brought one such game for you where you have to find something in the picture.

What is picture?
In the picture that is present in front of you, you will see snow, igloos will be visible and also many penguins will be visible. But a sea seal was hidden among these penguins. Big people have failed to find that seal. Have you found the seal hiding among the penguins?

If you find a seal in this picture, then your eyes are really sharp. But if you have not found the seal in the picture then you do not need to be disappointed. We will tell you where the seal is hidden in the picture. The seal is hidden right in front of your eyes. But it has been hidden so cleverly that people are not able to find it.

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Optical Illusion Quiz

Let’s know where the seal is hidden
When you look carefully at the herd of penguins standing on the right side of the picture, you will see a seal. The seal is hidden right behind the penguin lying on the right. Do you see the seal now?

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