MP: Fire broke out in empty coach of passenger train in MP two coaches gutted lclcn

A fire broke out in a passenger train parked in the railway yard on Wednesday afternoon in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. The fire took a huge form in no time. Two coaches were badly burnt in the grip of fire. At the same time, the third coach was separated from the train, but it was also slightly damaged by the fire.

The fire has been brought under control after an effort of one and a half hours. Railway is probing the incident. Actually, three coaches of train number 09589 Betul-Chhindwara Amla passenger train were standing in the yard of Betul station for cleaning.

Suddenly a fire broke out in the coach between 2.30 and 3.00 pm on Wednesday. The fire started due to unknown reasons and took a gigantic form in no time. The railway staff immediately informed the senior officials of the railway about the fire. Fire brigade teams reached the spot as soon as the information was received, but could not reach the spot where the fire broke out.

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Local people helped in extinguishing the fire

After this, the railway tried to extinguish the fire with its fire extinguishers and the local people with the help of tubewells installed in the field. After about half an hour’s effort, the fire was completely brought under control. This passenger train reaches Betul from Chhindwara Amla in the afternoon. After this, it leaves Betul for Chhindwara at 4 pm.

In this case, Railway Safety Officer VK Suryavanshi said, “As soon as the fire was reported in the passenger train, the fire was controlled through the fire extinguisher prepared by the railway. Two coaches of the train have been badly burnt. Another coach Got a little damage too.”

At the same time, pump operator Sunil Barskar says that he reached the spot after receiving information about the fire in the passenger train. Saw there that the local people were trying to extinguish the fire. Everyone put the fire under control after about half an hour’s effort.

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