Mike Ke Lal becomes a stage for budding poets and artists during Sahitya Aaj Tak 2022

What is visible is the poetry inside that which is not visible.
Whatever I could say, I have said what remained is poetry… This poetry of Ahmed Salman fits very well on the youth who came on the stage of ‘Mike Ke Lal’ in Aaj Tak literature 2022.
The ‘Mike Ke Lal’ stage was decorated for young artists in this biggest fair of Indian languages ​​in the world, the Mahakumbh of literature ‘Sahitya Aaj Tak’. More than 1100 budding young artists got a golden opportunity to read their creations on this platform.
The enthusiasm of the people to read his poetic creations on the stage of ‘Mike Ke Lal’ was visible. People from different corners of the country appeared on the stage of ‘Mike Ke Lal’ with their creations written in every genre. People from Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, even West Bengal joined us to showcase their art.
In the gathering of ‘Mike Ke Lal’, new faces, new expressions, new voices got a chance to face the public. From the innocent creation of a 7-year-old girl to the experience of an 80-year-old man, this platform heard the story.
The time from 12 o’clock in the day to 9 o’clock in the night also seemed less for the young artists. Here someone charmed the people by reciting his ghazals and someone won the hearts of the people with his poetry.

Mike K Lal: Some Glimpses

In ‘Mike Ke Lal’, from the evils of the society to love for the country, every type of composition was heard. Thousands of people got inspired by the artists who came on the stage and tried to write and reached us the next day with their creations. Even the children of the school started writing poems sitting there watching the people reading on the stage and ‘Mike Ke Lal’ gave this beautiful effort of theirs to come on the stage.
‘Mike Ke Lal’ proved to be not only a platform for budding artists but also a successful attempt to strengthen the roots of literature in the minds of the people. In these three days, all the people who came to ‘Mike Ke Lal’ heard and appreciated some hidden stories of our Puranas, our culture and our literature.
In these three days, neither the enthusiasm of the gathering nor the artists decreased. A team of musicians joined us on the stage, who added new qawwalis and ghazals to the gathering every day. The gathering was given a beautiful end with the soulful Qawwali of Nusrat Saheb.
One of the specialty of ‘Mike Ke Lal’ stage was also that many of the big creators who participated in Sahitya Aaj Tak voluntarily reached the stage to encourage these budding talents of literature. Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, renowned lyricist Buddhinath Mishra, Vishnu Saxena, Anamika Jain Amber, Sonarupa Vishal, Chinmayi Tripathi and Joel Mukherjee are notable among such personalities.

Renowned poet on the stage of Mike K Lal: Lesson to the youth

Remember that this was the third episode of ‘Mike Ke Lal’ organized by Sahitya Tak. Seeing the enthusiasm of the youth in both the earlier events, they were given a platform during ‘Sahitya Aaj Tak 2022’. Organizers India Today Group plans to take the event across the country. Looking at the enthusiasm of the youth, it is certain that every year during ‘Sahitya Aaj Tak’, the stage of ‘Mike Ke Lal’ will be decorated for young creators and the fragrance of words will spread.
# this report Saloni Sharma Has written by Saloni is a BA Honors student at Gargi College, University of Delhi and sheliterature today 2022Joined as a trainee.


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