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Bigg Boss 16: Is Bigg Boss Biased? Does Bigg Boss favor its favorite contestants? Every year these questions are raised about Bigg Boss. Big Boss is accused of favoring some contestants. This time also the makers are being accused of being biased. Bigg Boss is getting trolled on social media because of his biased behaviour.

Big Boss breaking his own rules?
This is the 16th season of Bigg Boss. From the beginning of the show, Bigg Boss has a rule that no outside information will be given to the contestants. In many seasons, wild card contestants have also been punished for giving information outside the house. But this time it seems that Bigg Boss himself is breaking his own rules for TRP.

Unfair to talk to Sumbul’s father
In the very first week of the show, the makers got Sumbul to talk to his father by calling him on the show. Sumbul’s father came and not only told his daughter how to play the game, but also informed his daughter about the game of other contestants. Now the question is, is it not unfair for the rest of the contestants?

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By favoring Sumbul, Bigg Boss made fun of himself. Everyone forgives one mistake, but the fans were surprised when Sumbul was made to talk to his father again in the show. After calling Sumbul in the confession room, Bigg Boss made the actress talk to her father through a call. Sumbul’s father openly informed his daughter about the outside world. Told the game plan of the rest of the contestants, abused them.

The question is, how right is it for a contestant to talk to his family member again and again? If Sumbul’s father has been given outside details by calling him on the show, then why not the rest of the contestants. This is unfair to other people.

Shiv’s mistake was covered
Not only this, now Bigg Boss has also started hiding the mistakes of his favorite contestants. Recently, there was a fight between MC Stan and Shaleen in the house. In the episode, only Shaleen and MC Stan were shown abusing and heckling. During that fight, Shiv Thackeray also went ahead to beat Shaleen with a chair, but the footage of Shiv was edited and removed very cleanly.

Shaleen had also said many times that both MC Stan and Shiv had tried to kill him. But Bigg Boss saved Shiv very cleanly. Even when Tina, Shaleen and MC Stan were called in the confession room, Bigg Boss had said that Shiva had come to stop the fight between Shaleen and MC Stan. He was separating the two. But in the viral video on social media, Shiv is seen in anger with a chair in his hand. It is clear from this that Shaleen was telling the truth, Shiv had tried to kill him, but Bigg Boss sidelined the issue completely. After the video went viral, users are raising questions about favoring contestants on Bigg Boss.

Gautam reveals that Shiv Thakare had come to attack Shalin with a chair. However that part was smartly cut by the makers. But a fan find out in the promo. Here’s the clip, Shiv charging towards Shalin with a chair

That’s why Salman says ‘WWE’ to

— #BiggBoss_Tak👁 (@BiggBoss_Tak) November 21, 2022

Big Boss favors Abdu
Bigg Boss is often seen favoring Abdu Rojik as well. When there was a task in the house to make Abdu the captain, Bigg Boss scolded Priyanka for going against Abdu. But in the recent episode, when Sajid Khan openly cheated to keep Abdu in the task, Bigg Boss did not say anything, on the contrary, he was seen favoring Sajid and Abdu’s mistake.

Trying to show Nimrat strong
Many times it is said that Bigg Boss favors Colors’ faces. This time also something similar is being seen. In the show, Bigg Boss is seen secretly favoring Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia. Nimrat was looking very strong in the first week. Many people started seeing the qualities of a winner in him. But then after leaving the captaincy, Nimrat also started looking weak.

Bigg Boss is trying hard to make Nimrat strong in the show. Big Boss has also motivated Nimrat by calling her in the confession room. Tasks were also given to wake up Nimrat. In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan was also seen motivating Nimrat to do well in the game.

After seeing all this, the audience wants to ask Bigg Boss why he is so desperate to show Nimrat strong. Let him play the way he is playing, the audience will eliminate him who takes weeks, those who play well will stay till the end, but how right is it to force someone to play well?

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