How did a girl coming from doctors-engineers become ‘Kanta Laga Girl’? Itni Mile Fee – Kaanta laga girl shefali jariwala reveals fees for the remix song happy birthday special tmova

A few years back, the industry was flooded with remakes of old songs. The song ‘Kanta Laga’ was also released while flowing in this flood. The model that was taken in the song, Shefali Jariwal is still known as ‘Kanta Laga Girl’. Shefali Jariwala was just a teenage girl at that time, who became a star overnight. Despite being a remix song, it caught everyone’s attention and made Shefali a favorite of the people. But do you know how he got this song? How much did he get for doing this song?

How did you get the song Kaanta Laga?
Although Shefali disappeared from the industry for a long time after this. But when he returned, he did many reality shows. From Bigg Boss to Nach Baliye, she was seen. But even today the image of the thorn is intact among the fans. Shefali told that she was standing outside the college with her friends when the makers of the song spotted her. On seeing her, Shefali was eager to sing.

Shefali Jariwala

But it was difficult for Shefali to take this step because everyone in her family is highly educated. Someone is an engineer and someone is a doctor, in such a situation, Shefali was scared even to take permission. But luck had approved that he should step into the world of showbiz and that is what happened. Shefali’s mother had agreed, but the directors had to come forward to convince her father. After Kaanta Laga, she got offers for many films, but she rejected them because Shefali had to fulfill her promise to her father. Under which she went to complete her studies.

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how much fee

Shefali told that after taking a break from my industry, people spread many kinds of things, which used to affect me at that time. Many people said that its brother killed it. Ended his career. But today they do not affect me. You hate me, love me, I am like this and will remain. When Shefali did this song, she was completely new. He had not done any kind of work in this industry. Shefali did this song just for her hobby and limelight. That’s why he had no idea about money. Shefali told that she was given 7000 as fee for the song Kaanta Laga.

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