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FIFA World Cup 2022 is going on in Qatar and there is tremendous enthusiasm among the fans since the opening match. Many types of controversies are coming to the fore in Qatar, while the fans are facing different difficulties. Many stories about FIFA always remain in the headlines, which are always recorded in the memories of the fans. Some such stories are related to the famous FIFA trophy. Read some of these funny stories…

When the World Cup trophy was hidden in a shoe box
In the year 1938, when the FIFA World Cup was played in France under the shadow of World War, everyone was living in fear. This World Cup was won by Italy, who defeated Hungary in the final. When Italy got the World Cup trophy, it was kept safe in the Roman Bank. But meanwhile the world war started, in such a situation there was a fear of getting robbed in the bank.

At that time Ortino Barasi, the Vice President of the Italian Football Federation, took the trophy out of the bank and took it to his home. There he kept it in a shoe box and hid it under the bed. This was done because Germany had attacked at that time and the fighters were looting everywhere. It was claimed that some soldiers of the German army had even knocked on Barasi’s house, but failed to get the trophy. Barasi later handed over the trophy to FIFA officials.

When a dog found the World Cup trophy
The 1966 World Cup was held in England, shortly before the start of the tournament, the World Cup trophy was kept in Westminster Hall so that the general public could see it. But this trophy disappeared from here, after which many questions were raised on the police. FIFA tried to hide this thing at that time, as well as made preparations to duplicate the trophy.

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On the other hand, efforts were on to find the real trophy, during which a sniffer dog named Pickles did wonders. And found the FIFA World Cup trophy in a garden. This miracle of Pickles saved the Federation’s shame, as well as its pictures were published on the front page of newspapers. It was later learned that an employee had picked up the original trophy from the store.

These stories about the FIFA trophy have been mentioned in the book ‘The Most Incredible World Cup Stories’ published by Niyogi Books. This book is written by Luciano Wernicke.

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