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> An uncle asked Sonu – how is the study going?
Sonu replied- Uncle, the syllabus is as much as the ocean, you can study as much as the river.
Remembers a bucket full, can write a glass full,
A handful of numbers come, drown in it and die.

> son – father there was an earthquake
Papa – Hey where did you come?
son – whole bed shook in our house
Papa – How intense was it?
Son – 5.3
Father – Son, after studying something, now even the earthquake has started getting more marks than you. Then there was heavy beating.

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> Husband- What will you do if I get lost?
Wife – I will give an advertisement in the newspaper.
Husband – How good are you, what will you write?
Wife – Be happy wherever you are.

> Doctor – don’t panic, this is your first operation
So what happened… it is a very small operation
Patient – ​​But my name is not Pandey
Doctor – I know… Pandey is my name.

(Disclaimer: Jokes for this section have been taken from popular content being shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Their purpose is only to tickle people a little. No one on the basis of any caste, religion, creed, race, color or gender It is not our intention to ridicule, demean or comment on it.)

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