Drug addiction, theft habit… Son killed parents-sister and grandmother, inside story of Palam murder case – delhi murder case 25 year old keshav killed his father mother sister and grand mother

Addiction, the habit of stealing and the restriction of the house became the cause of death for a family. It is not easy for anyone to believe in this heart-wrenching murder case that took place in Palam area of ​​South-West Delhi. On Tuesday night, Kalyugi’s son killed his parents along with younger sister and grandmother. The dead include father Dinesh (45), mother Darshan (40), grandmother Diwano Devi (72) and younger sister Urvashi (23).

Keshav, the 25-year-old accused son, laughingly ruined the family. Although the accused has been arrested, but there was no complaint on his face about his mistake.

The accused made the grandmother alone in the house his first victim and strangulated her to death. Then made her lie on the bed in such a way, as if she was sleeping in a deep sleep. On the other hand, when the accused’s father Dinesh reached home from duty and went to the bathroom to freshen up, the accused son attacked him and killed him too.

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Later, when mother Darshan reached home from duty and saw grandmother sleeping, she went to the bathroom at the behest of her son. Where the accused put her to sleep forever and finally when the younger sister Urvashi reached home, before she could understand the matter, the brother finished her too.

Accused Keshav did not feel pity even for a moment that the mother who gave birth to him by keeping him in her womb for 9 months, the father who forgot his dreams for his dreams, the younger sister, who must have tied rakhi on his wrist And that old grandmother, who must have told so many stories in her childhood, all of them were finished off by Keshav in a jiffy for intoxication. Whoever heard this incident was stunned.

Had threatened parents many times

The reason for this whole incident is being attributed to the intoxication caused by the accused Keshav. Accused Keshav is addicted to drugs and often used to fight with the family. He had neither a job nor any means of earning. He always used to get intoxicated by taking money from home and when he did not get the money, he used to create trouble in the house. It has been told that often he used to threaten to kill his parents. Which the family members never took seriously.

Not only this, he also committed thefts in the house many times and when he did not get anything from the house, he used to steal outside as well. Due to which there were many complaints against him in the police.

The accused has also gone to de-addiction center several times

Keshav’s drug addiction increased so much that the family members were forced to admit him in several drug de-addiction centers. But that too was of no use. Keshav had studied till 12th and left his studies after becoming addicted to drugs. While her younger sister Urvashi was studying medical.

According to the relatives of the deceased, when Keshav started running away after committing the crime, he was caught by the police and with their help. There was no wrinkle on his face even after being caught. No one had thought that a son could be so cruel. At present, the Palam police station has kept the dead bodies safe in the mortuary for postmortem and arrested the accused by registering a case of murder against them. Further action is being taken in the matter.

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