Deoria: Hospital on Jugaad, plaster started falling from the ceiling, then green net was installed

Surprising pictures of male surgical ward number two of the district hospital affiliated to Maharishi Devraha Baba Medical College, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh have come to the fore. The plaster of the dilapidated roof of the ward is falling down.

It is not that the ward is empty, patients are also admitted in the ward. Along with this, his attendants are also present with him. The hospital management has used jugaad to ensure that no one gets hurt. A net (green colored plastic seat) has been placed under the ceiling so that the plaster does not fall on anyone.

Both the patients and their attendants are surprised at this method of hospital management. They say that in this way we are playing with our lives. The treatment has to be done. That’s why I have to stay here under compulsion. But the fear of accident keeps haunting us all the time.

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Maharishi Deoraha Baba Medical College.

There is always a crowd of patients in the hospital.

There is a huge crowd of patients in Maharishi Devraha Baba Medical College. Because, it is adjacent to the border of Siwan and Gopalganj districts of Bihar state. A large number of patients reach here for treatment. The construction of Medical College building is going on.

Medical students are studying in the new building, the building has also been prepared for their residence. Setting up of OPD has also started in the new building. But patients are still being admitted in the ward of the old building.

Green net installed in wards.

Some wards are fine, the condition of the rest is dilapidated

The condition of some wards of the old building of the hospital is fine. But there are some whose plaster of the wall and ceiling is peeling off. There are no nets in the windows of the ward.

Dr. HK Mishra, Chief Medical Superintendent in charge of the Medical College affiliated District Hospital, says that the Medical College is in the process of construction. As the building gets constructed, the wards will be shifted to it. At the same time, the CMS in-charge of the Medical College says that this building was built in the year 1952. The building is old. Construction of new medical college is going on.

Plaster has fallen on the patient

A few months ago, a patient was hurt when a plaster fell from the ceiling. Still playing with the lives of the patients in the hospital.

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