Christian monastery found under ancient mosque in Bahrain! Everyone was stunned to see – Archaeologists in Bahrain uncovered Christian monastery under ancient mosque tlifws

Archaeologists have found something in the excavation under an ancient mosque in the Gulf country of Bahrain that everyone is stunned to see. According to archaeologists, a structure related to Christianity has been found under the excavation of the mosque. It is being said about this structure that it can be a Christian monastery or it can also be the house of a Christian religious teacher (bishop).

According to archaeologists, the structure found is between the sixth to eighth century. In fact, Bahrain and British archeology experts are digging together under this ancient mosque of Bahrain. This mosque is located in a cemetery on Muharraq Island in Bahrain.

Archaeologists started the work of this excavation three years ago. In such a situation, the discovery that has been made now is really very important and shocking as well. Never before has such a huge evidence related to Christianity been found in Bahrain.

Salman Al Mahari, director at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, also said about this that finding solid remains related to Christianity between the sixth and eighth centuries under a 300-year-old ancient mosque is a very exciting thing for Bahrain.

Excavation work continues at the site (Photo- Zakinus/tweet)

Earlier no concrete evidence was found in Bahrain

It is to be known that last year the digging team also found some things related to Christianity. Some pottery, special stones and the symbol of Christianity ‘cross’ were found in these. However, before this, no such thing related to Christianity was found in Bahrain, which gives any solid evidence of Christianity being here in ancient times.

Salman Al Mahari further explained that, “Christianity is mentioned in our oral history, people’s memory and literature.” Mahari further said that there are some place names that researchers consider to be associated with Christianity. . We have also been reading about this in history, but we have never found such concrete evidence as it has been found now. Mahari further said that this is the first physical evidence found in Bahrain.

Christian monastery was found during excavation in UAE !

Before this ancient discovery related to Christianity in Bahrain, some similar part was also found in UAE. According to the Daily Mail report, archaeologists in the UAE found the remains of an ancient Christian monastery in the excavation. This monastery was being claimed to be about 1400 years old. It was being said that it was even before the arrival of Islam in UAE. However, no concrete evidence was given for this.

A church figure was also found in the remains of the monastery. Along with this, such relics were also found in many rooms of the monastery, which are often used to make wafers and bread in the ceremony held in the church. Along with this, many such small rooms were also found, which were believed to have been built for Christian religious gurus to meditate on God in solitude.

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