Cheetahs brought good news in Kuno National Park, youth got employment

Kuno National Park: After the arrival of Cheetah Project in Kuno National Park of Sheopur, efforts have also been started in the direction of increasing employment. A total of 60 youths, including 30 Sahariya tribal youths, have been selected for the first phase by Kuno National Park through the experts of a private organization to become guides. All of them are residents of nearby local villages.

Of these, training was given to 60 youths a week ago at different places like Agra and Sesaipura. After getting training, these 60 youths will be able to tour the park as guides for the tourists coming to Kuno. Will be able to share important information about the park with them.

Apart from the establishment of Kuno National Park, many information is being given to the youth during the training. At the same time, they are also being told about 8 cheetahs and other wildlife brought from Namibia. So that by becoming a young guide, they can give every small to big information about Kuno and wildlife to the tourists.

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DFO of Kuno National Park Prakash Kumar Verma says that guide training program is being run. In which through Last Builders Foundation, we have trained 60 local youth as guides for employment, who have been given special training by Dr. Arjun from Bangalore, Kaidar Bhide from Mumbai, Gaurav Sirodkar.

Let us tell you, Kuno National Park is being developed as the country’s first Cheetah Century. Cheetahs have been resettled here in the country after 70 years. It is expected that a large number of domestic and foreign tourists will reach here in the coming times.

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