Bruce Lee died from drinking too much water. Know how water can become poison and what is its right quantity – Bruce Lee died from drinking too much water what is right quantity of water tlifp

We all know how important water is for our body. People are advised to drink more water to stay healthy because every part of the body needs water to function properly. Our body contains 70 percent water and in such a situation its importance for the body increases even more. It is not only necessary to keep our organs correct but also maintains moisture in our skin. But have you heard that drinking water can also lead to death. Actually, scientists have claimed that Hollywood veteran actor Bruce Lee died due to drinking too much water.

This claim happened in research

In a report published in Clinical Kidney Journal, scientists said that martial arts legend and Hollywood actor Bruce Lee may have died due to drinking too much water. Bruce Lee had said goodbye to the world on July 20, 1973 at the age of just 32. Bruce Lee is given the credit for making martial arts recognized worldwide. At that time, the doctors attributed the pain medicine to the death of the actor. Doctors had said that Bruce Lee’s brain had swollen due to food, due to which he died. But now after 49 years of his death, scientists are telling the reason for his death to be excessive water.

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Scientists gave this theory on Bruce Lee’s death
After the death of Bruce Lee, doctors had said that because of taking pain medicine, Bruce Lee had cerebral edema i.e. ‘swelling of the brain’ due to which he died. At the same time, after many decades have passed, now scientists say that Bruce Lee’s death was not due to any medicine but probably due to hyponatremia.

The condition of hyponatremia in the body arises when the sodium level of the body decreases by drinking too much water. In this, the cells of the body and especially the brain swell due to the imbalance of water. Researchers speculate that Bruce Lee died because his kidneys were damaged and he was not able to excrete excess water.

Scientists also said that when Bruce Lee died, his kidneys were bad and that is why the water he was drinking was not getting filtered. In such a situation, his body was filled with water. In this situation, the amount of water in the actor’s body had increased and he died.

Why does hyponatremia happen?

Sodium is very important for the body. Sodium plays an important role in the proper functioning of the muscles of all these organs. Sodium forms a circle around the cells in our body so that they can do their work properly. But when we drink more water than required, then the sodium present in the body dissolves with extra water and comes out through urine. If this happens for a long time, then the amount of sodium in the body starts decreasing and it is not able to function properly, due to which human life is also in danger. This condition is called hyponatremia.

how much water should be drunk in a day
Water is very important for the body, but keep in mind that along with lack of water, drinking too much water can also cause damage to the body. Drinking less water causes dehydration in the body, which can cause problems like headache, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, dry mouth, low blood pressure, swelling in the feet, constipation. On the other hand, if you drink more water than required, it can cause a condition of overhydration, due to which there can be lack of electrolytes in the body, vomiting, nausea, change in color of hands and feet, muscle cramps.

Doctors advise every person to drink at least two liters of water to keep the body healthy. How much water a person should drink everyday also depends on his body need. According to an estimate, 2.7 liters of water is necessary for women and 3.7 liters for men daily.

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