Before funeral of girlfriend lover filled vermilion jaymala says i will never get married in future assam lclt

I will never marry now. These are the words of that true lover who did not leave his side even after the death of his girlfriend. Before the funeral her dead body was decorated like a bride. Then his demand was filled and Varmala was recognized. Not only this, he also lay down with her dead body while crying. The case is of Raha village of Assam. A girl named Prarthana died here on November 18 due to an incurable disease.

Preparations for his funeral were going on. During this, her lover Bitupan demanded prayer in front of everyone and hugged the dead body with tears in his eyes. Everyone present there who saw this scene could not stop their tears. Photos of this incident are going viral on social media. People are crying out for prayer and love for lover Bitupan and referring to what Aftab did with Shraddha.

Prayer died due to terminal illness
It was told that Prarthana was suffering from an incurable disease for a long time. Beloved Bitupan was also aware of this. But his love for prayer never waned. Not only this, Bitupan was also preparing to marry Prarthana. But what was written in destiny happened. Prarthana died due to illness.

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demanding, garlanded
Before the last rites of the prayer, Bitupan filled his demand and recognized the garland. Then hugging the dead body of the prayer, he lay down for a long time and kept crying. How much love Bitupan had in his heart for prayer can be gauged from the fact that he even said ’till death separates us’ from the dead body of prayer. He said that now he will never marry again. Also prayed for the peace of his soul.

(Report – Afrida Hussain)

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