Another dent on Russia’s reputation, EU Parliament declares it a state sponsor of terrorism – European lawmakers declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism NTC

Russia’s attacks in Ukraine continue unabated. Because of this war, the whole world has been torn into two. This war has presented Russian President Vladimir Putin as a villain. Now news has come that the Parliament of the European Union (EU) has declared Russia a country promoting terrorism.

Voting took place in the Parliament of the European Union regarding Russia. MPs voted in favor of declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

The European Parliament argues that Russia’s military continues to target Ukraine’s civil infrastructure, including attacks on energy infrastructure and hospitals, in violation of international law. This step of the European Parliament is symbolic on the one hand because the European Union does not have any such legal framework to support it.

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Let us tell you that the EU has already imposed many types of sanctions on Russia regarding this war. Meanwhile, Russia is continuously attacking Ukraine. Due to these attacks of Russia, there has been a huge damage to the infrastructure of Ukraine and in such a situation it has become difficult for the doctors to treat the patients. The situation has worsened in many areas of Ukraine. Electricity and water lines have been cut. People are getting worried for essential goods.

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