Ankita Bhandari murder: Victim’s father demands narco test of accused

In the Ankita Bhandari murder case, the police have arrested the main accused along with his other accomplices. But there are still some questions related to this matter, whose answers are yet to be found. Now Ankita Bhandari’s father is demonstrating on the ground to know the answers to the same questions. A demand has been made on their behalf that the narco test of the accused should be conducted.

What did Ankita Bhandari’s father say?

Ankita Bhandari’s father Virendra Bhandari says that there should be a CBI inquiry into this incident and narco test of all three should be done. Today I am sitting here on dharna, the day the Chief Minister met me, I had told him that those who are criminals should be hanged. But I don’t feel anything like that, I had also said that on whose orders the bulldozer was run and what was the name of the person driving the bulldozer. But till now he has not given the name, my demand is that all the three criminals should be investigated by CBI.

The victim’s father has also emphasized that he is being pressurized not to contest the case. But they are not going to back down from this fight. It has been made clear from his side that all the murderers who had treated his daughter that way, will be given the harshest punishment. Virendra Bhandari says that he will continue to fight for his daughter’s justice till his last breath. No matter how much pressure someone puts on them, they are not going to back down from this fight.

What is Ankita Bhandari murder case?

For information, let us tell you that Pulkit Arya, the owner of Vanantara Resort located at Yamkeshwar, Ganga Bhogpur in Pauri Garhwal district, and his two other accomplices had killed receptionist Ankita Bhandari by throwing her into the canal on the night of 18 September. After the matter came to light, Ankita Bhandari’s missing was registered in the revenue area by the resort owner himself. After that, the body of 19-year-old Ankita was recovered from the Chilla Canal near Rishikesh on 24 September.

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