Aftab’s polygraph test could not be conducted today, the team of experts explained the reason

Aftab, the main accused in Shraddha murder case, has to undergo polygraph test and narco test. Although Aftab’s polygraph test was to be done today itself, but due to some reasons his polygraph test could not be done today. The FSL teams who were supposed to investigate her, canceled today’s plan and have left. The reason given was that Aftab was not medically fit today and hence the test could not be conducted. Looking at his health condition, there is a possibility of polygraph tomorrow.

For this polygraph and narco test, the police had sought permission from the Saket court and the court had approved it. After getting the permission, the police team has to conduct a polygraph test of Aftab before the narco test. This test is to be done in Rohini’s Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL). Through this, drug angle is also being investigated in the case. Aftab is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walker and cutting her body into 35 parts.

Same test happened a day ago

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On Tuesday also, to solve the mystery of Shraddha Walker’s death, the Delhi Police had conducted a polygraph test of the accused Aftab. On Tuesday, the police took Aftab to FSL. Aftab stayed there for about three and a half hours. According to the information, Aftab’s pre-polygraph test was done first. After this the series of polygraph test started. During this, about 15 to 18 questions were asked to the accused. One test of Aftab was done yesterday and one was to be done today.

What is polygraph?

Let us tell you that a polygraph is a lie detector device that is attached to a person’s body and when that person answers questions to an operator, it records physiological events (Physiological Activity) such as blood pressure, pulse rate and the human subject (which Records the breath of the person being tested. This data is used to determine whether the person is lying or not. However, according to reports, the lie detector, which has been used in police interrogations and investigations since 1924, is still controversial among psychologists and is not always judicially accepted.

Policemen rummaging around

Aftab was questioned in police remand regarding the seriousness of the matter. During this, Aftab made the biggest disclosure on the 10th day. It was revealed in the police investigation that Aftab used to keep a complete account of the pieces of Shraddha. He used to write in a rough note which piece of Shraddha he had thrown where. More than 150 policemen of Delhi Police are sifting through this site plan of Shraddha’s pieces. Referring to this rough note, the Delhi Police has also extended Aftab’s remand by 4 more days.

Police is making every possible effort

Please tell that on 18 May 2022, Aftab killed Shraddha and cut her into 35 pieces. But he was arrested by the police on 12 November 2022. Therefore, the past of 6 months of Aftab is being investigated. Police is investigating from the flat to every location where Aftab used to go and hide each and every piece of Shraddha’s dead body.

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