Aftab’s family members agreed to marry Shraddha, revealed in the complaint given to Palghar police

Shraddha Walker Murder Case: A new revelation has come to light in the Shraddha Walker murder case. This was revealed from the complaint letter that Shraddha had given to the Palghar police in the year 2020 against Aftab. According to that complaint letter, Aftab’s family members were ready for his marriage with Shraddha. Shraddha had withdrawn this complaint after a few days.

In fact, two years ago, Shraddha Walker had given a complaint letter to the authorities at Tulinj police station in Palghar district. After receiving the complaint, the police started investigating the matter. But after some time the complainant i.e. Shraddha Walker had said in her statement that she has no complaint against anyone and she is withdrawing her complaint.

Tulinj police had investigated
According to the information, whatever action should have been taken by the police by following the proper procedure at that time, was done by the Tulinj police station. At that time the investigation was done only on the basis of Shraddha’s written complaint.

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Complaint was taken back after explaining
At that time the victim Shraddha had said that she is withdrawing the complaint. The parents of his friend (Aftab) advised and made him understand, so the complaint has been withdrawn. So the problem was resolved and this complaint case was closed.

The matter was settled in 26 days
It took a total of 26 days from the filing of the written complaint at the Tulinj police station in Palghar district to the filing of the closure report. The important thing in this whole case was that after a fight or a violent incident between Shraddha and Aftab, Aftab’s parents used to intervene every time.

Aftab’s parents were ready for marriage
And the most important thing is that it is also mentioned in the complaint letter that Aftab’s parents were ready to get their son married to Shraddha.

Shraddha had told about the danger of life
Significantly, in the complaint given to the Palghar police two years ago, Shraddha had described herself as a threat to her life from Aftab. Not only this, Shraddha claimed that Aftab threatens to cut her body into pieces. Shraddha had said in her complaint against Aftab that he used to abuse and beat her. He tried to murder her.

Shraddha did not want to live with Aftab
Shraddha further wrote that now she does not wish to be with Aftab. He blackmails her, so if anything happens to me, he will be responsible for it. But later Shraddha had withdrawn this complaint.

Announcement of investigation regarding complaint letter
On the other hand, a big statement has come from Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis. He said that he has seen the letter of Shraddha’s complaint. He said that he is very serious. If action had been taken on this, maybe Shraddha’s life would have been saved. He said that he will conduct an inquiry into the matter as to why no action was taken on this letter.

(Input from Dev Kotak from Palghar)

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