‘Aftab threatens life, threatens to cut into pieces…’, Shraddha had complained to the police 2 years ago

Another big revelation has come in the Shraddha murder case. Shraddha had lodged a police complaint against Aftab two years ago in November 2020. In her complaint, Shraddha had told Aftab that there was a threat to her life. Not only this, Shraddha claimed that Aftab threatens to cut her body into pieces. Shraddha had given this complaint at Tulinj police station in Mumbai.

The murder took place on 18 May

Mumbai’s Shraddha Walker was living with Aftab in a live-in flat in Mehrauli, Delhi. It is alleged that Aftab had strangled Shraddha to death on 18 May. According to Aftab, Shraddha was pressurizing him for marriage. Aftab then cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces. He even bought a fridge to keep the pieces. Aftab had kept the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body in the fridge. He used to go every night to throw the dead body in the Mehrauli forest. He did this for about 20 days.

Ever since Shraddha was in a relationship with Aftab, her father was not in touch with her. But Shraddha used to talk to one of his friends, Laxman. When Shraddha did not answer Laxman’s calls and messages for several days, then he told the whole thing to Shraddha’s father. After this Shraddha reached the police. When the police interrogated Aftab, the whole matter came to light.

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