What happened when Divya Dutta picked up the thrown glass from Irrfan Khan?

New Delhi. Divya Dutta is one of those Bollywood actresses whose characters remain fresh in people’s memory. National Award winning Divya Dutta is also an author. Her book ‘The Stars in My Sky’ came out this year and she was present at Sahitya 2022 to talk about her book.


Talking about her book, Divya said that she became a writer because she felt that she had some stories to tell. In this book, Divya shares her memories about Bollywood stars whom she met in her film journey and who left an impact on her. Divya told that while she used to follow Shah Rukh Khan from the time of ‘Fauji’ TV serial, she considers herself lucky to have done 4 films with Irrfan Khan.

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Meeting Shah Rukh in Delhi amidst a huge crowd
Divya told that her first meeting with Shahrukh Khan happened in the producer’s office where she had taken her portfolio. She told, ‘I was coming down the stairs and some one person was quickly climbing the stairs. My bag fell. And I saw that hey he is Shahrukh. Divya told that since then she used to wait that someday maybe she would get a chance to work with Shahrukh.

Divya told that after this one of her friends told that Shahrukh is doing a film called ‘Dil Se’ and she should try. When he asked how he would meet Shahrukh, his friend said that he would arrange for it and Divya should stand by the bus after reaching Connaught Place. Divya said that she stood up after reaching the packed Connaught Place, but saw that Shah Rukh was shooting. He further said, ‘I thought I was going to leave, then two or three security people came from the crowd and said-‘Excuse me, are you Divya? Come, Shahrukh sir has called you.

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Describing her meeting with Shahrukh further, Divya told, ‘Everyone was staring at me, Shahrukh was sitting in a jeep and people were hitting him with their hands. He held out his hand in film style and called me in the jeep. He asked will you drink tea. Then he asked why I had come. So I said that I have to work in Dil Se. Divya said that then she got a call from Mani Ratnam, the director of ‘Dil Se’ and he said that you look too much like Manisha Koirala, so you can’t cast her in the film.

Divya told that even though she did not get work in ‘Dil Se’, she found it very sweet that such a big star Shahrukh remembered his promise. However, later Divya also got a chance to work with Shah Rukh in ‘Veer Zara’.

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Irfan’s acting competition
Divya told that she remembers Irrfan Khan from a special story. She was doing her first film with Irrfan and the ‘Maqbool’ actor surprised her with his improvisation in a scene. Divya told, ‘I was doing a Marathi role, I was new and was also learning a new language. I had to snatch the glass from him and throw it away. Instead of giving the glass, he threw it away. I was surprised that it was not like this, what happened like this. But his expression was such that I had to react. I raised the glasses from him and escorted him out the door. He said ‘Nice to meet you, now got a bump’.

Divya further said that Irrfan had understood that he could push her to do the best scenes. He said, ‘Irrfan knew that she would do it. If he had known that she would not be able to do it, he would not have got it done.

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On the stage of Sahitya 2022 itself, Divya also told that Amitabh Bachchan was the inspiration for her to get into acting. Seeing Bachchan sahab on the screen, he felt that ‘Whoever he is, I have to live the same life that he is living’.

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