Unique demonstration of Congress councilors crawling on elbows and knees, said- ‘Discrimination against Muslim public representatives’

Even though the dates of civic elections in Uttar Pradesh have not been announced, the politics has intensified since now. The councilors of the opposition do not want to leave any chance to surround the officials and the ruling party. In this sequence, on Tuesday, Congress councilors protested in a unique way outside the Municipal Commissioner’s office at the Municipal Corporation headquarters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency. The councilors registered their protest by crawling on knees and elbows.

About a dozen councilors of the Congress party were seen crawling on their knees and elbows to the gallery outside the Municipal Commissioner’s office at the Municipal Corporation headquarters in Sigra area of ​​Varanasi. During this, the Congress councilors also kept their demands. Everyone said that this year no work has been started from the Rs 10 lakh allocated by the government for development in the area.

Congress councilor crawling with application in hand during the protest.

Due to lack of work, the public is not getting the benefit. If the work does not start in time, then the money kept in the budget will go back. If the representatives whom the people send to the House as their representatives, start crawling on their knees and elbows, then how will the voice of the people reach up.

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Our slippers are worn out: Congress councilor

The protesting councilors said that even their slippers have worn out while walking. That’s why he had to walk on his knees and elbows. In the month of April this year, even after Rs 10 lakh each has been passed in the budget for the development of the area, the development work has not yet started. Till now the tender for the development works has not been done.

Congress councilors protesting outside the Municipal Commissioner’s chamber.

The image of Congress councilors will be tarnished

The councilors told that the development works have not started with the money received from the budget by the government. As soon as the election code of conduct is imposed, the allocated money will go back to the government and the image of Congress councilors will also be tarnished.

Government accused of discrimination against Muslim councilors

The protesting Muslim councilors of the Congress have accused the government of discriminating against them. The councilors also said that except Varunapar and Bhelupur zones of Varanasi, the tender file has been stopped in all other zones. In this, tender work has been stopped in about 60 wards of Adampur, Kotwali and Dashashwamedh zones.

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