The group went to eat at the restaurant, were shocked to get a bill of 1.3 crores! – one crore and 30 lacs rupees restaurant bill 24 carat dish steak viral tsty

A group of 14 people had dinner in a restaurant. His bill came to Rs 1.3 crore. When Bill’s photo was shared on social media, people were surprised. Later Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce explained the reason behind this. Nusr-et Gokce is also known as Salt Bae. He has opened many restaurants in his own name. The food bill in a Nusr-et restaurant in Abu Dhabi came to Rs 1.3 crore.

Later the chef explained the reason behind it. Actually Nusr-et restaurant is famous for its unique ‘Gold Coated Steak’. Nusr-et Gokce told in a post that 24 carat gold carat steak is served there. This dish is seen on the chopping board in the video clip. This video of steak has gone viral. Salt Bay shared another photo and captioned it, there is no compromise on quality here. Please tell that there are 22 branches of Nusr-et restaurant all over the world.

At the same time, people are criticizing Gold Dish on social media. One user wrote – It looks lame, the amount of money it will cost, many lives can be saved. Another user wrote – I hope you will give proper salary to your staff.

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Nusret UK Limited, the company that runs the restaurant, had told in August that it had made a profit of Rs 22 crore. Talking about expensive dishes from around the world, it includes wines from Bordeaux and Baklava.

Nusr-et restaurant is popular because of its different food dishes. This restaurant has 22 branches across the world. In September last year also, the restaurant in London came into the limelight because of the price.

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