Tantrik killed a young woman by putting it on her in udaipur double murder case lcls

In the case of double murder in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the police has made a big disclosure. On November 18, a naked dead body of a young man and a woman was found in the forests of Kelabawadi. Both were murdered on 15 November. Seeing the castes of both and the circumstances of the murder, the case seemed to be of honor killing. However, the police investigation unearthed the illegal relationship and the sinister plot of the tantrik’s revenge. Know what is the matter, how the tantrik carried out the incident and how the police opened the case…

The deceased Rahul Meena, coming from the tribal community, was a teacher in a government school. Apart from being married, he was the father of 2 children. At the same time, Sonu Kunwar, who comes from the Rajput community, was also married, but lived separately from her husband. She has also filed an application against her husband in the court. The girl’s father does tailoring and labor. Sonu also used to do sewing work.

The young man and woman met at the Tantrik’s place

Rahul and Sonu’s family used to come to Tantrik’s place. It was here about five months ago that both of them met and their relationship started progressing. Both of them gave their phone numbers to each other and gradually started making physical relations between the two. After this relationship, Rahul started quarreling with his wife.

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When his wife sought help from Tantrik Bhalesh Joshi, he told her everything about Rahul and Sonu. After their separation, Tantrik started increasing closeness with Sonu. When Rahul came to know about this, he and Sonu threatened to defame the tantrik.

Tantrik conspired to take revenge

Accused Tantrik Bhalesh Ichhapurna Shesh Nag was the priest of Bavji Temple Bhadviguda. He is originally a resident of Padardi Badi, Sagwada Dungarpur Hall, Sukhadia Nagar University Road. For 7-8 years, he used to make talismans and give them to the people in the temple to get relief from suffering and claimed to tell the truth by pressing his thumb. Because of this people respected him and he had a reputation.

After Rahul and Sonu threatened, Tantrik Bhalesh felt that his name might be tarnished because of them. So, conspired to teach both of them a lesson and get them out of the way. On the evening of November 15, he took Rahul along with him from Sukhadia Circle, asking him to meet the girl for the last time. On the way, Sonu took Kunwar towards Ubeshwarji by making him sit on the bike.

After getting a chance, killed with a knife

Both were about to meet for the last time at the spot. Both of them requested the tantrik to have a physical relationship for the last time. He immediately agreed to this. When both were in an objectionable condition, he poured feviquick on their bodies. By the time Rahul and Sonu could understand something, feviquik started sticking on their bodies.

In an attempt to separate, even the skin of his body started coming out. Meanwhile, getting the opportunity, Bhalesh attacked Rahul and Sonu several times with stones and knives. Rahul’s private part was also cut off with a knife. The marks of being attacked with a sharp weapon were also found in the private part of the girl.

Used to keep Feviquik with him all the time, used to paste the talisman

The accused Tantrik had collected more than 50 feviquicks from various shops in Gogunda area and filled them in a bottle. Actually, it was used to make amulets. During the incident, Bhalesh poured it on the young man and woman, so that they remain in an objectionable position and after their dead bodies are found, they are defamed. After this he fled from the spot.

Police solved blind murder case within 72 hours

However, the police solved the matter within 72 hours of coming to know about the incident. Udaipur Superintendent of Police (SP) Vikas Kumar told that CCTV footage of about 50 places in the area was taken out and about 200 people were questioned. Based on the evidence, 55-year-old Tantrik Bhalesh, who looked suspicious, was taken into custody and interrogated.

He confessed to the crime of murder. In the case, the tantrik has been produced in the court and taken on remand. Evidence has been found of him talking to the girl on the phone. Therefore, the police is interrogating him further to investigate the case of love triangle as well.

(Input Dheeraj Rawal)

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