Tantrik, fevikwik, slander and illegal relations… this story of double murder in the jungle will shock your heart

On November 18, a naked dead body of a young man and a woman was found in the forests of Kelabawadi in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The private part of the young man was cut off, while marks of assault with a sharp weapon were also found in the private part of the girl.

The police suspected that the murder of 30-year-old teacher Rahul Meena and his girlfriend Sonu Kunwar, 28, would be a case of honor killing. Seeing the castes of both, the objectionable condition and the method of murder, it seemed like this. However, there have been shocking revelations one after the other in this story. Read the full story of heart-wrenching love, tantric and slander…

Friendship happened after meeting in the temple

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The relatives of Sonu and Rahul used to come and go to the Icchapurna Sheshnag Bhavji temple located in Bhadvi Guda. It was here that Rahul and Sonu got to know each other. Both were already married. Their friendship turned into love and both started having illicit relations. Because of this relationship, Rahul started quarreling with his wife.

His wife didn’t know anything about this, so she sought help from Tantrik Bhalesh, who told her everything about Rahul’s illegal relationship. After this, Tantrik himself increased his closeness with Sonu. Tantrik Bhalesh Kumar stayed here for the last 7-8 years and used to make talismans and give them to people. He had gained a lot of recognition and reputation.

Rahul and Sonu threatened to defame

Rahul learns that the tantrik has told his wife about his relationship with Sonu. At the same time, he is increasing his closeness with Sonu, so both of them threatened to defame the tantrik. The tantrik became fearful because of the fear of spoiling his name and reputation in one stroke. He hatched a dangerous plan to take revenge on both of them.

put feviquik on the pretext of trick

Tantrik Bhalesh bought about 50 feviquicks from the market and filled them in a bottle. After this, on the evening of 15 November, Rahul and Sonu were called to Sukhadia circle on the pretext of tricks. Then took him to the secluded forest of Gogunda area. Here both asked to have a relationship.

At the same time, a bottle of Feviquik was poured on him. The aim was to kill both of them during this time, so that when their bodies were found by the people, they would be in an objectionable condition and they could easily escape from the matter. The young men and women clung to each other badly in a few seconds after Feviquik was applied. In an attempt to separate, the skin of both of them started peeling off.

Then attacked the private part with knives

Then Bhalesh injured both of them by attacking them with knife and stones. The private part of the young man was cut off with a knife and separated. During this, the private part of the girl was also attacked. After committing the crime, Bhalesh fled from there.

50 CCTV and 200 people were questioned

Udaipur Superintendent of Police (SP) Vikas Kumar told that the police took the matter seriously. CCTV footage of about 50 places in the area were closely watched. Along with this, about 200 people were questioned.

Based on the evidence found during the investigation, 55-year-old Tantrik Bhalesh Kumar seemed suspicious. When he was interrogated in custody, he confessed to the crime of murder. The police cracked the case in 72 hours. In the case, the tantrik has been arrested and produced in the court and taken on remand. He will be questioned further as evidence has been found of him talking to the girl on the phone. Police is also probing this case from the case of love triangle.

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