Shraddha Murder Case: 18 questions asked to Aftab in polygraph test, will the mystery of Shraddha’s death be solved in 4 days? – Shraddha death case Aftab asked questions pre polygraph test mystery solved ntc

To solve the mystery of Shraddha Walker’s death, the Delhi Police conducted a polygraph test on the accused Aftab on Tuesday. Because of this, the police took Aftab to FSL. Aftab stayed here for about three and a half hours. According to the information, Aftab’s pre-polygraph test was done first. After this the series of polygraph test started. During this, about 15 to 18 questions were asked to the accused. Delhi Police will also take Aftab for polygraph test at FSL on Wednesday.

Earlier, Aftab was produced in the court through video conferencing on Tuesday. Aftab made several confessions in front of the judge in the court. In the court, Aftab also told about the location of the weapon with which Shraddha was cut into pieces. On the other hand, Delhi Police suspects that Aftab is misleading everyone.

So far, to find out whether the story Aftab has told to the police is true or not, the accused’s polygraphy test i.e. lie detector test was done. During this he was asked 15 to 18 questions. On Wednesday, the police will again take Aftab to FSL. After the polygraphy test, his narco test will also be done.

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Where did you throw the 35 pieces of Shraddha?

For the last 10 days, the police is trying to find out where Aftab has thrown the 35 pieces of Shraddha. For this, the teams of Delhi Police have investigated the places. Along with this, efforts are also being made to find out why Aftab had cut Shraddha into 35 pieces.

jaw and teeth biggest evidence

Delhi Police is wandering in search of evidence. The biggest evidence the police have found so far is a jawbone and a broken tooth. The police suspect that this jaw and teeth belong to Shraddha. Because Shraddha had got the root canal done in Mumbai. Now the police has sent the tooth and jaw for DNA test.

Aftab used to keep track of body parts

There have been 2 big revelations in this case today. Firstly, he made a map of where Shraddha’s body parts were thrown. Second, a note has been found from Aftab’s flat, in which he used to write accounts of Shraddha’s pieces. Aftab, who cut Shraddha into 35 pieces, used to leave his flat every night at 2.30 am and return to the flat after placing each piece of Shraddha.

Checking the past of 6 months

On May 18, 2022, Aftab killed Shraddha and cut her into 35 pieces. But he was arrested by the police on 12 November 2022. Therefore, the past of 6 months of Aftab is being investigated. Police is investigating from the flat to every location where Aftab used to go. And kept putting each and every piece of Shraddha’s dead body.

4 days are important to reveal the truth

It has been 10 days since Delhi Police got Aftab to spit out the truth of 35 pieces of Shraddha. Now 4 more days remand has been received. Whatever the police have to do. That has to be done in just 4 days. Means there is a challenge in front of Delhi Police to reveal the truth of 35 pieces including Shraddha’s head in 4 days.

What did the police get from Mehrauli forest?

On Aftab’s disclosure, Delhi Police has collected some evidence from Mehrauli forest to different locations. Police has picked up 13 bones from Mehrauli forest. Also a jaw and a broken tooth have been found.

More than 150 policemen are probing

Aftab has made the biggest disclosure on the 10th day of police remand, it is most shocking. Police investigation has revealed that Aftab used to keep a complete account of the pieces of Shraddha. He used to write in a rough note which piece of Shraddha he had thrown where. More than 150 policemen of Delhi Police are sifting through this site plan of fragments of faith. Referring to this rough note, the Delhi Police has also extended Aftab’s remand by 4 more days.

Aftab told the map of the pond of Maidangarhi

All the body parts of the body are not required to prove murder. But if some body parts are found and it is known from the DNA test that they belong to Shraddha, then the work of the police will become very easy. According to the police, Aftab had destroyed the pond of Maidangarhi.
Map has been made. The police is searching for Shraddha’s head in the pond.

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