Ruckus over beer: hours-long line-12 pounds point, fans in bad condition in FIFA World Cup – Qatar football world cup 2022 beer rate queues outside stadium rules england fans tspo

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has started in Qatar and fans from all over the world have arrived here to enjoy football. But different restrictions in Qatar have spoiled the mood of the fans. Of these, the biggest problem is with beer, because many restrictions have been imposed on the sale of alcohol and beer in Qatar, due to which not only the fans but also the organizers are angry.

12 pounds a pint…
According to the report of The Mirror, after the new restrictions imposed on beer in Qatar, there is a lot of disappointment among the fans. This was visible in the very first match, when long queues for beer were seen at the fan festival organized by FIFA.

The fans in the queues were also worried about the price of beer. Because here the audience has to pay 12 pounds (about 1150 rupees) for just one point of beer. This is the reason why not only the fans but also FIFA and other sections are objecting to such rule.

FIFA has contracted Budweiser for the World Cup held in Qatar, so only Budweiser beer is available here. That too, a few minutes before the entry into the stadium, the sale of beer is being started in the Fanfest, in such a situation, after a lot of push, the fans are getting beer.

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No beer inside the stadium…
There is also a problem for the fans that beer or liquor is not being sold inside the stadium. There are many restrictions regarding the sale of alcohol and beer in Qatar, earlier at the behest of FIFA, sales were allowed in some places. But just a day before the start of the World Cup, Qatar changed the rules and said that only nonalcoholic drinks would be available inside the stadium.

In such a situation, the fans have to take beer from the fanfest outside the stadium itself. An English fan told DailyMail that it is very hot in Qatar, in such a situation beer is very important. Can’t take beer inside so we are stuffing ourselves before the match starts.

England had a match in the Football World Cup on Monday, in such a situation, there was a lot of anger among the English fans. On one hand, English fans in Qatar had to wait for hours for beer, had to spend several times the price. On the other hand, different clubs of England, pubs were seen full during the match and people enjoyed the match.

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