‘Rahul’s PA is speaking, want a ticket?’ Unique method of cheating in election season, arrested – Rahul Gandhi PA THIS SIDE want a ticket IN GUJARAT ELECTION CYBER CRIME NTC

Usually, online fraudsters call on the pretext of bank’s customer care, pending electricity bill or pending loan. By doing this, they take OTP by trapping people in their trap or cheat in some other way. But a different case has come to the fore from Gujarat. Congress leaders from many districts of Gujarat have been duped. These thugs have targeted such leaders who wanted to get tickets from Congress to contest elections.

Thugs have looted money by calling such leaders as PA of Rahul Gandhi. This gang has now been caught by the police. In Vadodara city of Gujarat, a thug revealed his identity in the name of Rahul Gandhi’s PA. The thug made a WhatsApp call to Vadodara’s Congress leader Chandrakant Srivastava.

‘Political method’ of cheating

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Along with this, a message also came to him that ‘I am Kanishka Singh, Rahul Gandhi’s PA. Call me.’ On talking, the thugs asked for money by telling their bank account number. A similar call was also received on another leader Satyajit Gaikwad. But when there was doubt, a case was registered with the police. Taking the whole matter seriously, the cybercrime team started the investigation and the investigation was done on the basis of technical surveillance.

When the location of the caller was found in Amritsar, Punjab, Police Inspector BN Patel sent PSIPM Rakholia and the team to Amritsar to nab the accused. Where the police arrested the accused Rajat Kumar Madan with the help of technical source and human intelligence.

police arrested

Darsal Rajat lives in Amritsar and he is originally from Dabwali in Sirsa district of Haryana. In the investigation, it was found that he had opened an account by transferring fraudulent money from several banks. The police is now looking for how many people he has cheated? The accused confessed in the investigation that he had cheated Rs 1.5 lakh from the Congress candidate. Gaurav Sharma was running the entire network from Punjab and he is a Congress worker, who has been declared wanted by the police.

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