Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa getting trolled for touching Govinda feets users say it is against Islam

Bollywood superstar Govinda is such an artist, whose popularity is not limited to the country only. People from all over the world are crazy about Govinda’s style, expressions and his dance. Recently Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa also mentioned his craze for Govinda and then expressed his love by touching his feet. But when Fahad Mustafa touched Govinda’s feet, the fundamentalists got enraged.

Ruckus in Pakistan on touching Govinda’s feet

In fact, Indian and Pakistani stars met each other at the Filmfare’s Middle East Achievers Award ceremony held in Dubai recently. Indian and Pakistani stars spent a lot of time with each other. Showering love on each other from the award night, shared their special moments with the fans.

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A video of Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa from the award night also went viral on social media, in which he was seen touching the feet of Bollywood star Govinda. Govinda also hugs him with love and gives his blessings. But many people in Pakistan did not like Fahad Mustafa touching Govinda’s feet. Pakistan’s fundamentalists are scolding Fahad Mustafa for touching the feet of Govinda.

The fundamentalists say that this is not justified in Islam. Being a Muslim, Fahad Mustafa bowing down before someone and touching his feet is against Islam. After Fahad Mustafa’s video went viral, many people are trolling him in the name of Islam. One user wrote – Leave your religion and follow their religion. You people are not even capable of being called Muslims.

Another user wrote furiously – Fahad Mustafa also forgot that we are Muslims and cannot do this. Another user asked – Are you a Muslim, Fahad Mustafa?

Why did Pakistanis get angry on touching Govinda’s feet?
According to Islamic beliefs, it is forbidden to bow one’s head in front of any human or puppet other than Allah. According to religious beliefs, a Muslim can only bow before Allah. Bowing your head in front of any human being is considered against Islam. In such a situation, people did not like actor Fahad Mustafa bowing his head in front of Govinda and touching his feet and they are telling it against Islam.

Fahad Mustafa told inspiration to Govinda

Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa not only touched Govinda’s feet, but also praised Govinda a lot in his speech. He told that he is a big fan of Govinda. Fahad Mustafa said- When I started acting, I was inspired by Govinda sir. Sir, we are your fans and we used to feel in Pakistan that whatever acting has to be done, it has to be done like you. Then Ranveer Singh entered the industry. Sir, we are your fan too. He also takes inspiration from you for acting.

Regarding Govinda, Fahad Mustafa further said, “I think Sir, we are your big fans and will remain your fans. It is very fortunate that today we are standing on this stage, where you were standing. Once again There should be lots of applause for Govinda sir, because for me it is very unreal. I hope Pakistan and India unite again and do good work.”

Talking about Fahad Mustafa, he is a big actor of Pakistani cinema. Fahad Mustafa has won the hearts of fans by working in many hit shows and films. These days Fahad is working in ‘Band Ko Ab Bajega’. He has a huge fan following in Pakistan. However, these days he is on the target of haters.

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