Pair of parrots worth Rs 15 lakh stolen in Surat, FIR registered by police

A strange incident of theft has come to light in Surat, Gujarat. Two parrots of foreign species have been stolen from here. The price of both the stolen parrots has been told by the owner of the parrot as Rs 15 lakh. However, the police is investigating the matter by registering the price of parrots only as two lakh rupees.

The case is of Variav area of ​​Jahangirpura police station area. The police team reached the Wadi Bird Farm here to investigate the theft of two precious parrots. One of them is a male and the other is a female parrot.

Unknown people had stolen them by breaking the net on the ceiling of the room. This incident of parrot theft happened two days after Diwali. Its complaint has been lodged in the police station on 19 November.

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Bird farm owner Vishal Bhai Patel said, “He has been doing bird breeding in his farm since 2007. The Scarlet Macaw was bought from a friend living in Calcutta in December 2013.”

He further said, “At that time, his age was one year. Today both are 10 years old. He used to feed both the parrots according to their diet plan. Ten to fifteen thousand rupees were spent on both the parrots a month. was.”

Vishal said, “The parrot was stolen from 8 o’clock in the night of 26 October till the morning of 27 October. After the parrot was stolen, he along with his police friend searched for 15 days. However, no information was found.” Only after this, an FIR was lodged in the police station on Saturday.”

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