Instant News | Baby Tabassum of Bollywood said goodbye to the world

Bollywood’s famous artist and television host ‘Baby Tabassum’ has passed away. Tabassum was born in the year 1944 in Mumbai. His father’s name was Ayodhya Nath Sachdev and his mother’s name was Asgari Begum.

Let us tell you, both Tabassum’s mother and father were ‘Freedom Fighters’. He had not one but two names and the story behind this name is very interesting. According to reports, Tabassum’s father Ayodhyanath Sachdev named his daughter ‘Tabassum’, respecting the religious sentiments of her mother Asgari Begum.

Tabassum’s mother had something else in mind. The husband may have named the daughter Tabassum, but her mother named Tabassum as Kiran Bala, respecting the religious sentiments of her husband and daughter’s father. Even though the world knew her by the name of Tabassum, but on her official papers her name has been registered as Kiran Bala Sachdev.

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