Increased pride in the business of security

36th anniversary: ​​business tycoon

Ravindra Kishore Sinha, 71 years,

Patna, Bihar
Company: sis

Property of Sinha family: Rs 5,700 crore

where do you invest
Sinha spends his personal dividend on social work and invests the income from the company in the expansion of the company itself.

It is about 1974. Ravindra Kishore Sinha, 23, working as a special correspondent for Searchlight and Pradeep newspaper in Patna, lost his job one day. The same evening he met Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan. JP had come to know about his job loss.

JP told Sinha that every year a large number of army personnel retire at an early age. He should also take advantage of his good reputation in the army and his connections with businessmen. Retired soldiers need employment and businessmen need security personnel. Sinha had covered the Bangladesh war.

JP also argued that if soldiers sit vacant for a long time after retirement, other problems may arise. JP suggested to Sinha that you should start this work and employ retired jawans in business houses.

Sinha clarifies, “I didn’t start this as a business. My role was even to hire retired jawans. I was doing this as a social work. To earn a living, I was working as a freelance journalist and used to write regularly for magazines like Dharamyug.

In 1979, a business friend of Sinha wanted some security men. Friend called him to Ranchi and outlined the company. It was only after consulting him that the company was named Security and Intelligence Services (SIS). The friend gave an advance of a few months. With this, Sinha made uniforms for the jawans. On December 27, 1979, for the first time wearing the uniform of SIS, his guards were engaged in the company.

Today SIS has 2.5 lakh security personnel and its turnover is more than Rs 12,000 crore. Starting from providing security guards to private companies of undivided Bihar, SIS took off in 1986. CISF personnel engaged in the security of Kuteshwar Limestone Mines of Madhya Pradesh were removed and this work was given to SIS.

The message went from here that the responsibility of protecting the properties of public undertakings can be given to private agencies. After the Mumbai bomb blasts in 1993, the India Tourism and Development Corporation (ITDC) entrusted the security of its hotels across the country to SIS. In 1998, the Archaeological Survey of India also handed over the security of its sites across the country to SIS.

SIS has also made a mark in the work of cash logistics. SIS Cash Services, working in joint venture with Spanish company Prosiger, is today India’s second largest company in cash logistics. The company is also expanding its business in facility management.

After making a mark in the country, Sinha, popularly known as RK, has expanded the company’s business to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US. In 2007, SIS bought an Australian company and then acquired a cleaning company in the US.

The security work of all the major airports of Australia is with the Metropolitan Security Services, a company of the SIS group. The day-to-day operations of the company are now being looked after by Sinha’s son Rituraj Sinha who is working to expand the business.

Sinha, who proved his mettle in business, was also a Rajya Sabha MP from the BJP. He is also active in many social works in his home state of Bihar and outside it. Every year, he selects 50 meritorious children preparing for IIT and keeps them in a hostel in Patna and takes care of their food and education expenses himself.

Gopaldas Neeraj has been Sinha’s favorite poet with literary interest. He has established Neeraj Smriti Nyas in his memory. Through this they organize literary activities. Sinha, who has written several books himself, still considers himself a journalist and says that “my day starts with writing an article every day on a regular basis”.

In 1974, at the time of leaving Sinha’s job, the company gave him 230 rupees after accounting for him. And on March 31 this year, Sinha’s own net worth was Rs 3,011 crore.

After SIS, the Sinha family is now busy with its future expansion plans. After a lot of success in the security business, he is now expanding rapidly in the business of organic food. His company named Aadya Foods is making many organic products like soap, oil, incense sticks apart from food items and this business is growing rapidly. Sinha, who is fond of eating and feeding, cooks himself for the guests. He still does farming in his native village Bichiyan in Arrah (Bihar) district. Every year, by offering earrings of paddy to their deity Narasimha, they start harvesting the crop.

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