If you dont vote you will go to hell BJP leader swears by God in public meeting ntc

By-election is going to be held on Sardarshahar seat of Rajasthan. BJP and Congress have given their full strength to win here. Senior leaders of BJP gave an oath to the general public in the gathering and called upon them to vote. In the meeting organized at Gandhi Chowk in Sardarshahar, Leader of the Deputy Opposition Rajendra Rathod made the people raise their hands and swore by Lord Salasar and appealed to make the BJP win. Rathore’s appeal was also supported by Leader of Opposition Gulab Kataria and State President Satish Punia.

Rajendra Rathore said that every person who has come in this world loves someone or the other – someone loves wife, someone loves son, someone loves grandson and someone loves many others. I swear to him if you like him, raise your hand and tell that you are Ashok Picha (candidate) and together we will win, brothers, you have raised your hands at this Gandhiji Chowk, why have you raised your hands. Do you know what, there is an invisible force above which moves everything you and me and that is Ram. If you tell a lie after swearing by Ram above, you will go to hell. Brother, don’t wait for even one person, brothers, whether Ashok Picha reaches our village or not. Me and Ramsingh ji, we will definitely reach and you swear that you have to fight this election separately, don’t wait for a person in this election whether someone will call me or not. Go to every village and tell that we have come with a decision that Ashok Picha stayed here and the lotus flower stayed here, and we have come and the election has come.

He further said- If Ashok Picha comes, his face should not be black. Today the chairman was telling us. His wife is sitting. He said that he made my lord thin by peeching him. Tell me what will you do now, Ashok Picha doesn’t have to pitch. I swear to you everyone will vote for this together.

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Addressing the gathering, Leader of Opposition Gulab Chand Kataria said that if the rule belongs to anyone in this country, it belongs to the people. We are born by the public from your vote box. Even if we are good, you create us and even if we are not born good, you create us. No one else does, so I pray with folded hands in front of you, the owner of the vote, that while casting your vote, tap this forehead a little, answer some questions from it, ask it what would be good to do and what would be good to do. Will not done. I can definitely pray this much, I swear by Salasar Balaji, use your vote by using your forehead on your forehead from Ramdharma. I have come here from Mewar in your midst to offer this prayer.

BJP state president Satish Punia also supported both the leaders. He said that when I go home, the wife will say that when Rajendraji asked to raise his hand in my name, why didn’t he raise his hand. Now see, the risk is in your hands, because you made the wife take oath and you people raised your hands. Now Rajendra ji took off his weight and put it on your forehead. Now I think you need to work after a lot of persistence.

(Report – Vijay Chauhan)

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